Lego Toy Story – 7593 Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship Review

Just to whet your Toy Story 3 appetite some more (as if we all needed it) here is my review of the Lego Toy Story 7593 set. I was very kindly sent these to review this week and I have to say me and my boys have been well and truly spoiled as this set is amazing!

I will start by saying that on the box this set is suitable from 7 – 14, and I would totally agree with that. There are a lot of very small parts if the spaceship got taken apart.

It’s also quite complex with lots of moving pieces, and as such is quite delicate. OK for a 7 year old, not so much an excitable 4 and 2 year old.

We have all been playing with it together, with me fully supervising and both of the boys have had a whale of a time with this set. There has been a lot of reapplying of bricks due to the little ones being a bit too rough, but if your prepared for that it’s not too bad, and all the pieces go back on easily as it’s Lego of course.

I opened the boxes without my boys being present as I’m not a very experienced Lego builder,┬áso could do without the hassle of two toddlers butting in. I love playing with Lego and making my own creations, but I’m new to the building sets and following instructions side.

On opening the box I was confronted with 257 pieces and a 63 page instruction book, I was a little daunted. As I say I’m not the best Lego builder and after getting an hour in got really stuck. For some reason I just couldn’t get my head round the second step number 28. I put it down to tiredness and packed everything away, sure enough the next night I conquered step 28 and the rest of the ship went up in around 10 minutes. So It took me around 1hr 30mins in total to put it all together, but if your used to Lego sets it would probably take you around an hour.

I find it amazing how that pile of bricks got suddenly transformed into Buzz Lightyears space ship, but it did and it looks great. Even my husband commented on how much he would have loved a Lego set like this when he was younger.

It comes with 2 minifigs – Buzz and Zurg. ┬áZurg comes with a gun that shoots out a missile when you push it, although it doesn’t go to far so it’s not likely to be a hazard to anyone.

The best thing about the set is that the cockpit and main body of the ship all open up really easily so kids can get their hands right inside. Inside the cockpit is a chair for Buzz to sit in whilst he steers the spaceship, and a computer with navigation screen presumably to help him find Zurg on his flights throughout the galaxy.

Open up the back of the ship and there is a small lunar vehicle for when Buzz ventures outside. There’s also a smaller pull down ramp at the back of the plane by the boosters, for the lunar buggy to exit the spaceship safely.

The delicate nature of the pieces would be my only drawback. I love the way that the ship is able to open up, but it does much it less stable. So I would suggest keeping the instruction booklet handy for any emergency repairs you may need to make. This wouldn’t however put me off recommending this set at all, I think for kids aged from say 6 – 10 the Buzz Star Command Starship would make a great gift whether they be Toy Story fans or not. If you have smaller children who are Toy Story mad, as long as your on hand and prepared for the inevitable rebuild’s Buzz’s ship will be a massive hit.

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