Let Battle Commence!

Get set for one of the biggest toys of this summer – the Spinning Top, Okay maybe not but that’s essentially what Battle Strikers are. Try telling you little boy that though.

Battle Strikers are battling spinning tops but the big draw is that there’s no cords or string needed. The Battle Strikers are controlled with special magnetic finger controls, which allows the tops to jump and dodge around until one knocks out their opponents. 

To start off the game you use a turbo launcher which rotates the Battle Strikers at 7,500 rotations a minute and literally shoots it into the arena.

Okay so they look pretty cool even too me, have a look at the video and see the kids absolutely loving it.


As with all toys marketed at boys there’s some sort of collecting involved. There are sixteen different strikers to collect, and they will be customizable. Also each Striker will be calibrated differently, thus adding to the gotta catch em all philosophy if you want to be the perfect player.

There’s lots of buzz surrounding this toy and it’s predicted to be a big hit and judging by the reaction of the kids in the video I concur.

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