Battle of the Kiddie iPad’s – LeapPad Explorer vs InnoPad

This autumn will see the launch of two new tablet computers onto the scene. These 2 however aren’t the new Apple or Microsoft models, no these are the latest kid friendly techno-toys from children’s educational gadget specialists Leapfrog and V-Tech.

The LeapPad Explorer is Leapfrog’s offering, a children’s learning tablet. The new device will be launching with an amazing 100+ titles available, consisting of e-books, games, videos, flash cards and more.

The LeapPad explorer will come with a built in camera, video recorder, microphone and Animation studio software. The 5″ colour touch screen will also feature a tilt sensor for games playing.

The LeapPad’s competitor for that coveted place on your kiddies Christmas list will be Vtech’s InnoPad.

The InnoPad is also a mini me version of mummy and daddy’s tablet computer.

Like the LeapPad Explorer, it will also have a 5″ colour touch screen but also some of it’s own innovative features like an MP3 player and personal voice alarm clock.

There will be no integrated camera in the InnoPad, but it will be fully compatiable with the Vtech Kidizoom 3D and Vtech Kidizoom Twist cameras.

Which device will win the race? I’m not quite sure until we’ve seen the finished devices I think it’s anyones game. I do think however Santa will be keeping close tabs on the outcome, as one of these two gadgets is bound to be the hottest toy for Christmas 2011!

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