Lightning Power Thor – Review

Thomas’ love of Super Heroes is still alive and well, and like all Marvel fans he’s having a whale of a time at the moment with all the new films and toys coming out. Obviously only being 5 he’s not old enough to watch the new Thor film yet, so he was thrilled yesterday when the new Avengers cartoon started up on CITV.

In-between re watching the first episode over and over again, he’s been having a ball playing with the new Lightning Power Thor we were sent by Hasbro to review.

First good point about this toy was the packaging, once again I’m going to mention how much of a fan I am of the new Hasbro packaging. With most toys it’s so hard to get them open, especially with a hyper active 5 year old running around watching your every move and eagerly awaiting his new toy. Our Thor was opened and out of his packet in under a minute which is perfect, the new twine that Hasbro use for tying the toys in the box works so well.

The figure of Thor is very nicely done, he has the lightning hammer which lights up as he speaks, an asguardian sword, and a lightning launcher.  I was impressed that the figure does look a lot like the new Thor Chris Hemsworth, it seems to be spot on to me. I think Thomas’ favourite feature has to be the phrases he comes out with, he’s been having loads of fun with his Walking talking Iron Man and Hulk making them all fight and have arguments with each other. I’ve told him that Iron Man and Thor are supposed to be working together now in the Avengers, but he still thinks it’s more fun for them all to fight.

The only complaint Thomas has with his new Thor toy was that he doesn’t have a helmet, Thor is supposed to have a helmet or he’s not right apparently. I told him that Thor was brushing his hair and forgot to put it back on :)

As well as the Lightning Clash Thor, other Hasbro Thor toys available are the Armor of Asgard Thor Sword, Thor Helmet and Lightning Hammer.

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