Little Charley Bear:Ready Teddy Blast Off! – Review

My boys are getting older by the day, in 3 weeks my oldest is 7, and last week my youngest started school full-time – Talk about how time flys!

Anyway one thing this means is that our Cbeebies viewing time is getting less and less. Nowadays it’s more Adventure Time and Gumball than Tree Fu Tom and Charlie and Lola.

Little Charley Bear however is the one show that Jacob will always sit and watch if it pops up as he’s channel surfing. Otherwise he’ll ask to watch the DVD if nothing else tickles his fancy. Cartoon Network has been showing a lot of Ben10 recently, which he doesn’t like. So the Little Charley Bear DVD has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

So it was brilliant timing when Vivid offered to send us their new Little Charley Bear toy to review – The Ready Teddy Blast Off! Rocket.

This lovely toy is a wonderful imagining of Charley’s rocket from the Ready Teddy Blast off episode, the one where Charley doesn’t want to go to sleep and ends up flying to the moon.

It looks exactly the same as the one from the show, and fans of the show will love all the little details inside such as pictures of the ball which Charley plays with on the moon, and the framed picture of Midge on the wall.

The Rocket is a great size, perfect for small hands to hold easily. The three rocket boosters act as perfect steady handles so your little one can have fun whizzing Little Charley Bears rocket through the air with ease. It’s actually much lighter than its size suggests, so younger fans can still enjoy lifting up the rocket and blasting off, no problem.

Sitting in his swiveling pilots chair on the top-level of the rocket, you can see Astronaut Little Charley Bear peeking out into space through his look out window.

Open up the Rocket ship doors and the stairs leading outside will fall down to the ground. You can also fully open up the doors on the front of the rocket, and play with Charley on the top and bottom of the rocket.

Push down on Charley’s chair and he will whizz down to the ground, then when ready you can push his chair back up to the top floor control room for blast off.

The set comes with an exclusive Little Charley Bear Astronaut figure, which does come out of his chair so you can play with him outside of the rocket also.

Inside one of the rocket boosters is a secret hideyhole for Little Charley Bear to use. Either for storage, or perhaps for a good old game of hide and seek with Rivet.

The Little Charley Bear Ready Teddy Blast Off Rocket doesn’t take batteries or make any noises, so the whooshing flying sounds will have to be homemade. Which is in effect what Little Charley Bear is all about, because as James Corden says “It’s amazing what you can do with your imagination”.

It’s a vibrant, colourful, very eye-catching toy that will see hours and hours of imaginative play. Even my 5yr old has been having a blast with it!

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