Little People hit the big 50!

Seems to big a big month for childhood toys reaching the 5o milestone, after Barbie on 9th March the 21st the Fisher Price Little People brand celebrating reaching 50 years old.

To celebrate this milestone, Fisher Price are updating their iconic Play family farm and School house.

The Little People 50th birthday Play ‘N’ Go farm and 50th birthday Play ‘N’ Go School will bring all those childhood memories flooding back. Both housed in a collectible take along tin they even have replicas of the original figures and accessories.

The school house also comes complete with what was for me as a little girl the best part, the magnetic chalk board roof.

As soon as I saw the School house in a toy shop this morning, I was telling my son’s “mummy had that, mummy had that” but they didn’t seem to interested in my childhood reminiscing. Hopefully my enthusiasm for the product will rub off on them when we play it together.

Although not complete replicas of the originals, they capture the spirit and feel of the toys perfectly. You and child can enjoy some good old toy nostalgia together and you can have a fun time reliving your childhood.

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