Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

My little boy fell in love with this guitar when we saw it in the toyshop, and I knew I just had to buy it for Christmas. He just loves all musical instruments especially guitars and drum’s, and I didn’t really want to buy him a drum kit (he makes enough noise already!)

He plays with his brothers Wiggles guitar that he had for Christmas a few years ago, but it has it’s limitations. For one it doesn’t have much interactivity only a few buttons to press, and it also only plays 4 songs over and over. No matter how much he likes the Wiggles and I don’t mind them either in small doses, after listening to it for three years it starts to grate a little shall we say.¬†So when we saw the ¬†Little Tikes Pop Tunes Guitar I decided to get it, because I was impressed by the tunes it played and also that you can strum actual strings.

Instead of playing the usual childrens classics like Jingle bells, Twinkle Twinkle, or Ode to Joy, it plays songs that the parents wont actually mind listening too.

It plays: Message in a bottle by The Police

Crazy Little Thing called Love by Queen

Wild Thing by the Troggs

Love Shack by the B-52’s

All Star by Smashmouth

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When I saw the list I was impressed by the songs and how similar they actually sound to the real thing, it really sounds accurate for a kids toy. I was probably most surprised by seeing the Smashmouth song on there, but then realised that most kids would probably recognise that song more than the others as it’s on the Shrek soundtrack.

The strings are secured on tight and I think that they will withstand some punishment from the kids, they are not as flimsy as some other toys. They allow your child to strum along with the song adding their own unique touches, and also strum without the background music just making their own songs up.

The Big Rocker Guitar is part of the wider Little Tikes Pop Tunes range, which includes the Big Rocker Drum and also Big Rocker Keyboard. Little Tikes also have a Lil Rocker Pop Tunes Guitar which is aimed at 6 – 18 month year olds.

I’m very pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to see Jacob playing with it on Christmas day! I actually like it so much that I’ve included it on the Toybuzz list of Top Ten Christmas Toys 2009.

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