Logo Billionaire – Review

Logo – What Am I? Was one of the big board game successes of last year. Well this year Drumond Park and the Logo brand are back with Logo Billionaire, But this time it’s a game for the big boys! Mini Alan Sugars/Donald Trumps to the ready.

Logo Billionaire is a game for ages 8 and up, and 2-6 players. I think that this is a fair assessment of the age range, as the game is a bit more involved than some games. It’s around the same range of difficulty as Monopoly in my opinion, just to give you an idea of what’s involved.

Having said that My 6 year old Jacob played along with the rest of the family, granted with a little extra help. We couldn’t leave him out though, as he loves all recognising all the brands on the cards, and wanted to play so badly.

Initially on opening the box and seeing all those cards I have to admit to feeling a little daunted. Thankfully the rules are really well explained on the instruction sheets, and after thorough read through I felt that it wasn’t as hard to understand as I was expecting from the amount of cards and spaces on the board.

The way Drumond Park have helped to ease us into the more elaborate aspects of the game is to have two different ways to play. Apprentice and Executive.

You start of learning the ropes with the Apprentice rules, and once you’ve played the game a few times and your ready you can move onto the Executive game.

The Apprentice game has all the main elements of the Logo Billionaire game, you just forgo the Newsflash and Takeover cards until your more familiar with the way the game goes.

The aim of the game whichever way you play is to become the first player to earn 1 Billion pounds.

You do this buy launching companies with the brand cards that you pick up as you work your way around the board.

Once you have three brand cards of the same category you can launch a company, or you can wait until you have more brands. It’s totally up to you. The more brands the more your company could be valued at.

I say could as to find out what your company is worth depends on how risky you want to go. You take cards from the ‘Risky Business’ pile one at a time. Each card has either a value say 10M or 30M or a Bust.  You just keep on going until you think that maybe you’ve been lucky enough. Each brand is worth the total value of the Risky Business cards you drew.

Once you’ve launched the company, take the money out of the bank and start again with another company until you reach the magic number and become the Logo Billionaire.

At the moment we’ve only played the Apprentice version, but I’m hoping that maybe Christmas time when theres a few more adults around we can try out the Executive rules.

My only negative point would be the spinner that you have to place in the middle of the board. I’ve found it really hard to get it in there, and after only a few games the board is looking a little ragged around the centre circle.

We’ve had some great family game nights recently testing out Logo Billionaire, and we’ve found out that Thomas is most definitely the riskiest. He never learns and always Bust’s out.  It’s so funny to watch his face as all the money cards are turned over, but he can never seem to stop himself. He’s just too greedy!

A really fun family game for older children and adults. Logo Billionaire is available now with an RRP of £24.99


Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Logo Billionaire from makers Drumond Park for an honest review


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