Logo What Am I? – Review

I am a big sucker for advertising. Not in the way that I get taken in, but more that I really love advertising. I love watching adverts, which is a weird thing to admit I know, but I do. I even search them out on Youtube and wallow in nostalgia for hours watching adverts from the 80’s.

I’m not sure why, but my love of advertising imagery, jingles, and slogans has always been there, ever since I was young.

The Logo game has always been on my most wanted list of board games. The only problem being that it’s a game for a group of adults, and having young children I’m always on the lookout for games we can play as a family, so discounted the Logo game as it would probably be too advanced for them.

So imagine my delight when I saw the new Logo – What Am I? board game advertised on the TV, a brand new kid friendly version of the Logo Game!

I was even more delighted when we got the opportunity to review the game, courtesy of the makers Drumond Park.


First impressions straight out of the box are great. The game board is colourful, inviting, and instantly me and the kids were busy spotting all the brands we knew from around the outside. The board is circular, and you work you way around clockwise until you reach the Winning zone in the middle.

The game cards used to ask the questions have 2 sides – Picture and Challenge

The Picture side is used when you land on the question mark squares, and is the Guess it challenge. On the card will be a picture of either a brand or item, for example some of the cards we had were bananas, a Yorkie, and the PG Tips Monkey. To play the other players have to identify the picture on your card by asking questions which you can only answer Yes or No to.

We liked the guess it challenge, most of ours seemed to be types of sweets and chocolate. As well as asking the yes/no questions, Jacob used the pictures around the side of the board to help him along.

The Challenge side of the cards has two different categories. If you land on a pencil square, then it’s the Draw it round where you pick one of the 2 options and the other players have to guess what it is.

Landing on the Speech bubble square means its time for the Describe it round. Here you have 3 brands/objects which you have to describe to your fellow players.

Draw it was probably our favourite category, as none of us are artists as such, so it was so funny to see what we came up with.

I was a bit apprehensive how well the boys would do with the describe it round, but they both did a great job, and we all guessed their descriptions correctly eventually.


The scoring of the game is really interesting as for all the questions both the player asking the questions, and the player that got the answer right both win a roll of the dice. Which is lovely as it means that even the youngest players get to move and don’t get left behind (as long as someone guesses correctly of course). The game is probably unique too, in the fact that there are always 2 winners. The first player to go into the winners circle, plus the player who correctly answered or asked the question which gave the player the dice roll to win. So technically you could only get one question right all game and still come joint first.

Another bonus from both players getting a dice roll after each correct answer is that the game moved along really quickly, and before we knew it I’d won! The time flew by, and even though we’d been playing for around 25 minutes it certainly didn’t feel like it. The game never dragged, no-one got bored and walked off half way through (as my youngest has a tendency to do) it actually left us all wanting more, in a good way. It means that mum’s and dad’s are much more likely to dig it out and play more often, if they know that the game wont take an age to finish.

Final Thoughts 

Even though this game is for younger players I was still a bit concerned that it would be a bit too old for my two boys. Jacob at only just 5 probably was a bit too young, but he sat on daddy’s team and felt part of the game, joining in with the guessing and describing. Thomas being 7 was a perfect age, he had lots of fun, and really impressed me with his describing skills.

The speed of the game was perfect for a busy family, there’s no excuse to not get this out on family night.

Plenty of opportunities for giggles, with the drawing round, and with dad having to say the catchphrase and slogan of every brand that comes up.

A really fun game that’s filled with sweets, biscuits and crisps. Try not to play on an empty stomach, you’ll be starving by the end

A highly recommended addition to your family board game collection.

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