Look inside our latest Lego bloggers box – Review

It’s summertime, school holidays are looming ever closer, and with a broken foot still in a walking brace I’m dreading keeping the kids entertained.

As if by magic our latest Lego family blogger panel package arrived in the post. Phew!

The boys both teared into the boxes owwing and ahhhing at everything inside. They were really pleased with the sets they were chosen:

70143 Legends of Chima – Sir Fangar’s Saber-tooth walker

70160 Ultra Agents – Ultra Agents vs Adam Acid

60033 – Lego City – Arctic Ice Crawler

41514 + 41515 Lego Mixels Series 2 Jawg and Kraw


As I said the boys love all the sets, but they were especially excited to get one of the new Legends of Chima models.

70143 Legends of Chima – Sir Fangar’s Saber-tooth walker

It’s a brilliant model, and looks mighty impressive when put together.

I built this one for them whilst Thomas went about building the Arctic Crawler with Jacob. It wasn’t too hard, but tricky in a few places.

It took about an hour from start to finish.

The set comes with three minifigures – Sir Fangar, Stealthor and Gorzan

Each figure comes with a huge weapon for fighting. Gorzan’s is so huge he also comes with an ice block to help him stand up when holding it. Jacob just loves their massive swords.

The Sabre Walker is awesome. Big but not huge, it looks so menacing with its huge teeth and fangs. The front even opens up and down like a real mouth.

The shields on the side shoot out projectile diamond missiles. Which the kids obviously loved.

Jacob thinks the coolest part however is Stealthor on his motorbike. He certainly lives up to his name as he sneaks out of the back of the walker when you turn the cogs.

Another brilliant Chima set.


Next up the Lego City Arctic Ice Crawler.

The boys did a great job building this together on their own, and had a good laugh doing so.

The arctic explorer minifigure looks so funny with his furry hooded coat, I love it!

The ice crawler is a great little model, with big tracked wheels either side and a very cool working winch on the back.

Jacob’s been loving using the hook to pick up parcels, figures, and basically just dragging anything he can hook up around the room.

With an RRP of just £9.99 it’s a lovely little set and has lots of scope for some really creative play. Highly recommended if not just for the snug as a bug minifig.

Another new range we tested out was the new Ultra Agents in the form of Ultra Agents vs Adam Acid.

Ultra Agents is a brand new original Lego theme, full of missions and battles.

This one might not look exactly as it should in the photo, because no sooner had i turned my back to get the camera Jacob has already been making modifications.

He just couldn’t help himself as he was having so much fun blasting those bad guys.

He says that the agents guns are the best thing about this set. They really fire, and a long way too.

He also thinks that the Ultra Agents looks a bit like him, so he’s making up games with Agent Jacob saving the day.

Another fun set with so much play value.

Lastly those crazy zany Mixels.

I really like the little Mixels bag’s as the sets are really simple to put together, and don’t take long to build but they are so effective.

They are just crazy.

Again the play value is fantastic, as your kids can really let their imagination run wild with these crazy critters.

At £2.99 a model the Mixels are perfect pocket-money value. A great way to get some interesting Lego pieces for your own builds too.




Thanks so much Lego for another brilliantly chosen bloggers box, and some perfect summer holiday fun.

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