Lulla-Baah Timmy – Review

It’s time for me to admit something publicly that not many people will agree with, ok here goes…..I don’t like Wallace and Gromit!

I really don’t like them, They scare me!

However I absolutely love Shaun the Sheep  so am so pleased that I can now see Shaun and his little friend Timmy on CBBC and Cbeebies without worrying about either Wallace or Gromit popping up.

Timmy Time is a fun family programme that we all really enjoy watching together before school. Timmy is so full of mischief which we all laugh along at, but the boys always seem to come away having learnt a lesson from it in the end.

We’ve had a rough couple of weeks recently, with the boys seemingly catching every illness that passes within 100 yards of the school, so Jacob couldn’t have been happy when our Lalla-Baah Timmy arrived to keep him company when he was lying sick on the sofa.

Timmy comes happily cuddling his special glow in the dark blanket. The blanket clings to his hand with velcro, to help keep the two together. Press Timmy’s tummy and he will Baah out the lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and then start snoring as he drifts off to sleep.

Jacob thinks Timmy’s singing is hilarious, and he really cheered him up when he was feeling sorry for himself. He and Timmy have also been found hiding under the duvet a few times in the last couple of days having some glow in the dark blanket fun, he’s definitely made a friend.

As well as the new Lulla-Baah Timmy, there is also Timmy Giggle Belly. His belly is a big doodle pad, and when you draw on him he laughs. I’m also looking forward to the launch of Picnic Timmy in July, who will slurp, munch and burp his way into your little ones heart. He sounds a lot of fun and I can’t wait to meet him, in the meantime Lulla-Baah Timmy is doing a fine job of keeping Jacob company, and not just a bedtime.

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