Marbel Toys Brio Safari Railway – Review

Jacob has been having a whale of a time recently with his new Brio Safari Railway that we were sent to review by Marbel toys. Marbel have recently been appointed as the exclusive UK and Eire Brio distributor, so it was lovely of them to send us some new Brio sets to review.

We received the gorgeous Safari figure of 8 set, Safari train and also the very exciting Rocky Mountain Tunnel.

I’ve always been aware of Brio as a brand, and even remember playing with Brio trains as a child at the Early Learning Centre I think, but I’ve never owned any Brio so it was interesting to find out whether the quality of the toys lived up to my high expectations.

The Safari figure of 8 set is beautifully crafted and detailed, the wooden tree with complete with gorgeous african sunset is just stunning. ┬áThe animals are chunky and easy for little hands to play with and sit up, they have inspired Jacob to learn more about animals. He’s become very fond with the cheetah, and always wants to read our animal book looking for pictures of them.

The part I most love about the Safari Train set is the cute Giraffe in the back carriage who magically ducks his head as he goes through the tunnel. It’s so fun, and I can imagine children even younger than my 2 being really fascinated by this.

Last but not least Jacobs favourite part of our review bundle, The Rocky Mountain Tunnel. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough train track to connect the tunnel up with our Safari set, but it’s so much fun Jacob’s not bothered. I’ll definitely have to invest in some extra track though, so we can hook it all up, as he just loves this so much.

These Brio railway sets have most certainly lived up to my expectations, beautiful toys that beg to be played with and will last for years to come.

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