Mario Kart 8 Blogger Challenge Week One

Last Friday the 30th May saw the gaming release everyone has been waiting for – Mario Kart 8 is finally here.

We were lucky enough to get a visit from the postman with a special Nintendo Mario Kart package thanks to us being Nintendo Family bloggers.

The game is awesome, totally totally awesome. Mario Kart has never looked so good. Everything is so bright and vibrant, the tracks look stunning.

The best thing in my opinion is being able to play on the Wii-U gamepad. Jacob and I both love watching all the other competitors on the map as were racing.

You can even see when someone picks up a power up, or when you hit someone with your banana skin or shell.

We love the new Mario Kart Tv as well, with which you can upload 30 second highlights of your race either onto Youtube, the Miiverse, online at Mario TV website, or the smart phone app.

The new power ups in Mario Kart 8 are really cool. Our fave is the big red horn which you can use to blast other nearby racers or smash that pesky blue shell that’s coming for you. So much satisfaction in dodging that blue shell.

Blogger Challenges

In our special package from Nintendo were a series of blogger challenges.

Firstly for the next 8 weeks we will be running a family challenge to see who’s the fastest on various tracks. Who will win kids or the parents?

At the moment it looks like parents have the upper hand as our youngest Jacob managed to break his wrist last week,. So now has a cast all the way up to his shoulder.

Happily though Mario Kart 8 is the one game that he can still play.

Although he’s obviously at a massive disadvantage as he can’t use the triggers, he’s just happy to be playing.

He even cried on friday when he thought he wouldn’t be able to play, so he’s just having fun enjoying himself.

Time Trials

So here it is week one of the Toybuzz family Mario Kart 8 Time Trials.

At the moment I’m in the lead with Daddy trailing behind. I was really surprised that there was only 1-2 seconds between Thomas and Jacob on both courses considering Jacob’s injury. If he was 100% I think he’d be ahead of all of us.

Here’s the results in full.


As well as the ongoing time trials, every week we have another more creative project to challenge us. For this week the kids were asked to create their own Mario Kart.

Jacob’s broken wrist saw him on the benches on this one, so it was all up to Thomas to win it for the team.

His kart idea is a Mario and Luigi style jet powered skate board. He thinks it would be great for getting some good air over all the ramps and jumps. The parachute which comes out the back is shaped like a Bullet Bill power up, and he says it’ll go as fast as you would if you picked up the power up. Bit of a cheat, but a great idea.

I’d love to see what Mario would look like on a skateboard, and think it’s a great idea. Hopefully Nintendo will take note and it may get added for next time.

Next week we’ll be seeing who’s fastest around Toad Harbour and Shy Guy Falls, and building our own Mario kart track. Let’s see if I can keep my place onto of the leaderboard :)

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Nintendo Uk for sending us Mario Kart 8 for review. You Guys are amazing!

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