Match Attax Extra and World Championships 2009

There’s some serious trading going on at the moment, no not in the stock markets but in the playground. 

Match Attax football card’s are big business, and there’s even special sessions where you can go and swap with other collectors and complete your dream teams.

To further your collection and improve your chance of victory Match Attax Extra has just been released, complete with official limited edition cards,new club signings, hat trick heroes, club captains and fans favorites

Match Attax Extra Season 2019/2020 Trading Card Box (50 Packs) (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Match Attax 19/20 Starter Pack (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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+ 3 others available from 365 Games
Match Attax Extra Starter Pack (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Spfl Match Attax 2018/19 Mini Tin (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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Topps are also running the first ever Match Attax World Championships, with regional heats being held up and down the country during April and also all around the world.

With the grand final being held on the 24th of may at Fulham FC. Check the website for full information about dates and times.

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