Match Attax National Tour

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids next week for Half Term, I’m sure  they will love you forever if you head on down to the Match Attax Tour which is travelling up and down the country all next week.

You’ll have the chance to swap and trade your cards with other players to build up your collection, and as you can imagine there will be tons of  Match Attax fan’s itching for someone to match against. As a bonus incentive if you win a one off challenge against another competitor you’ll be able to take on the Match Attax Master. If your lucky enough to win you’ll be coming away with the elusive Match Attax Master card and also a place in the Hall of Fame.

At the events in London, Liverpool and Newcastle you’ll even be able to mix with the real stars of Match Attax, some Premiership footballers. They’ll be there to meet the fans and sign their cards.

I just wish I lived closer to London and could take Thomas to see Heurello Gomes as he’s a big Spurs fan and he would really love this event.

The Tour will be stopping off at the following locations:

• Sat 23rd Oct Edinburgh (ASDA, Edinburgh Supercentre)
• Sun 24th Oct Glasgow (ASDA, Maryhill)
• Mon 25th Oct Dublin (Smyths Toys, Blanchardstown Centre)
• Mon 25th Oct London (ASDA, Park Royal) with Heurelho Gomes of Tottenham Hotspur
• Tue 26th Oct Belfast (Smyths Toys, Shane Retail Park)
• Tue 26th Oct Birmingham (Smyths Toys, Castlevale Retail Park)
• Wed 27th Oct Manchester (ASDA, Sportcity)
• Thu 28th Oct Newcastle (Smyths, Team Valley Shopping Park) with Kevin Nolan of Newcastle United
• Thu 28th Oct Liverpool (ASDA, Hunts Cross) with Tim Howard of Everton FC
• Fri 29th Oct Bristol (The Entertainer Toy Shop, Cabot Circus)
All of the events take place from 10am – 4pm.

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