Matchbox Big Boots – Review

If your here reading my site then your most probably a parent or grandparent, and chances are will have to endure at least one set of children tv adverts a day.

The adverts never cease, but as the year draws to an end things campaigns go into overdrive.

For instance the Monopoly Millionaire ad has only been on screens for 2 weeks at the most, but my 4-year-old knows all the words and wonders around the house rapping about being a Millionaire.

An advertising jingle that has become one of those brainworms in my head for the last week or so is Matchbox’s new Big Boots range. I find myself loading the dishwasher unconsciously singing ‘Big Boots launch into action, Big Boots launch into action’. It’s driving me a little crazy.

The matter is not helped by the fact that Matchbox very kindly sent my boys some Big Boots sets to play with, and review. Obviously this is not a bad thing, it’s a great thing. However every time I think I’m over the jingle, one of them starts playing with the Big Boots again and then that damned catchy song is back again :)

Just watch the ad yourself and tell me you wont be singing this all day long. If not your brains obviously made of sterner stuff than mine.


Big Boots from Matchbox is a new exciting range of bouncing buddies, whose main attraction is that they always land on their feet. I suppose they are the modern-day version of the Weebles (remember those?) only much cooler.

Each Big Boots figure has as the name suggests remarkably Big Boots on their feet. This enables them to always land on their feet, no matter what life (or realistically your child) throws at them, or throws them at. obviously as soon as I told my 2 terrors about this amazing claim, they simply would not believe it. “Of course they will fall over” they said, and off to prove me wrong they went. 30 Minutes later after many roars of laughter, they both came back and admitted defeat.

Currently there are two different Big Boots worlds sets – Bootlandia and Bootsburg. Each land has different sets available, with different groups of Big boots figures:


  • Blaze Brigade
  • Swat Squad
  • Rescue Jump Squad
  • Speed Trappers
  • K-9 4X4

Each world also has sets of 3 figure packs available. Bootsburg has the Blaze Busters, Flame Fighters, Hazard Squad, Paramedic Crew, Swat Team, Water Rescue Crew


  • Dino Adventure Squad
  • Dino Rescue Buggy
  • Dino Chopper
  • Dino Snatchers
  • Dino Snatchers Jet

Dinolandia’s 3 sets of 3 figure packs are the Dino Raiders, Raptor Capture, and Dino Trappers.


Big Boots Blaze Brigade set

We tested out the Big Boots Blaze Brigade set, and a 3 figure set from the Dinolandia range -Raptor Capture.

The Big Boots Brigade Blaze vehicle is not only a push around vehicle, it has tons of hidden levers so you can you launch your Big Boots into action in style. You can place your Big Boots on the ladder and watch him fly through the air when you push the back bumper in. Stand you Big Boots on the outside of the Fire engine and watch them roll off when you press down on the lever. Lastly you can load up to 3 Big Boots into the drivers cabin and watch as the front opens up and they jump out into action when you press the back bumper in.

The Brigade Blaze vehicle comes with 3 Big Boots figures – Capt’ Lazr, Zelix and Spraymond. Spraymond is a blue transparent water type figure, and definitely the boys favourite. Each of the figures comes with a little accessory like a walkie-talkie or Axe. There are spaces along the side of the vehicle for storing these when not in use. The vehicle and it’s buttons and fixtures are chunky, and easy for youngsters to push around and manoeuvre. The levers which send the BigBoots launching into action are simple for little ones to set up and activate, and they all make the Big Boots launch in different ways which the kids will love.

The look of the Big Boots are very graphic, I just love that they all have a different style. As I said Spraymond from the Blaze Brigade set is the one who both of my sons fight over. He’s blue and see through as he’s supposed to be made of water to help fight the fires, and they both think he looks the coolest. Personally I always ask to be Lodar from the Rapture Capture team, as I like his cheeky face.










In Short Matchbox Big Boots is a great range for little ones, with lots of imaginative play opportunities built-in. All the different vehicles and figures make for some weird and wonderful scenarios.

We’ve had so much fun with Big Boots.

The Big Boots Big Blaze Brigade Set is highly recommended as a great gift for youngsters this Christmas.

If your youngster loves Big boots as much as mine then you’ll want to check out the Big Boots website. On there you will find A poster to download, some videos, An MP3 of that Catchy song,  details about all the Big Boots figures and vehicles, Plus some colour pages.

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