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Ok this serves me right for watching commercial TV. Yesterday my 1 year old decided to have a teething fit in the middle of the night, alright it was about 5 o’clock but it was still too early to be getting up. Anyway I was flicking the TV channels trying to find something to placate him and found the only kids TV shows on at 5 in the morning were on Channel Five’s Milkshake. Whilst waiting for Thomas The Tank Engine to come on we saw an advert for this amazing new toy, Rocky the Interactive Robot Dump Truck and I immediately want one, never mind Jacob!

Rocky the Robot is a wise cracking new york dump truck who is guaranteed to become your sons best friend. He talks, dances, tells jokes, even snores and is basically everything your little Bob the Builder or Handy Manny could dream of.

I especially love the robot dancing Rocky does, and like the way that he has different types of music to dance to and not just one which will get instantly annoying. He also says over 100 different phrases, so there’s a lot of variety there also.

Rocky the Robot Dump Truck also has an inbuilt microphone, so your child can tell Rocky when to dump his load off and he will respond.

Unlike some toys of this nature, Rocky can be used as a regular dump truck toy. Your child can push Rocky around to their hearts content without wrecking any of Rocky’s robotics, although obviously he can’t be played with outside.

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Rocky has a sensor in his flat bed which can tell when something has been placed in his back, and also how heavy it is. He will either respond with “That’s an easy one” or “Hey this is a tough job!”. I love the way Rocky always calls you boss too, it’s so cool.

He ┬ámakes the familiar “beep beep” vehicle reversing noise when you push him backwards, which is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. Another neat trick that Rocky does is sit ups, that’s right a dumper truck that works out.

All in all I think Rocky is amazing value for money for all of the interactivity that you get, I can see that a few years ago he probably would have cost a few hundred pounds for all of that technology. I’m sure any little boy would be delighted to receive Rocky from Father Christmas.

I’m in two minds myself whether to get one for Jacob, as we’ve already bought him his big present, the Handy Manny Transforming Truck. He’s also already having a Bruder Tractor and probably the Little Einsteins Rocket, so I’m not sure if he’s going to be vehicled out if I get him Rocky too. However he does love his trucks and tractors so I may well be tempted, we’ll see how many more times I see the advert and then see if I cave in.

Click here for a colouring page featuring Rocky The Robot Dump Truck

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