Max Tow Truck – Review

Max Tow from Jakks Pacific is the tough talking, tough towing new hot toy on the block.

We’ve been testing out Max Tow all week, and seeing if he’s all talk or whether he can really pull 200lbs in weight.

We all love Max’s tough guy attitude, and his enthusiastic “Hey Buddy!”. He says over 50 phrases, mostly to do with loading him up and watching him go. He’s a small truck with a big ego!

As well as towing big weights, Max can also climb over obstacles in his way. Max Tow is not a remote control vehicle, it only goes forward. Once it hits an obstacle it will try to climb over it, or come to a stop.

Max Tow takes 6 C batteries, but boy does he need all that power with all the towing and chatting he does. He comes with a try me battery to hear his voice, but it’s not strong enough for him to pull anything, so you have to change that straight away.

Max Tow comes with a plastic tow chain for attaching things for Max to move. Max Tow doesn’t come with the trailer that you can see on the box or the advert, but if you have one you can easily connect the to Max.

However don’t fret if you don’t as we successfully tied Max up to Thomas’ scooter, Jacob’s computer chair and even the hoover.

We had great fun hooking it up to Jacob’s computer chair, and watching Max pull him down the road. Amazing that a little truck like that can haul an 8 year old boy along.

Press down on Max’s orange button to let him know your ready for him to tow. He’ll let you know if he needs some more power, and asks you to pull the lever to shift into high gear.

Max Tow would make an excellent christmas present. It comes in a lovely big box which has brilliant big present under the christmas tree appeal.

Max Tow is available from all good toy retailers including Amazon with an RRP of £59.99.

Disclosure: We were sent a Max Tow truck for us to write an honest review.

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