Me To You:Colour & Sticker Fun App – Review

Based around the loveable Tatty Teddy from the Me To You range, the Me To You:Colour & Sticker Fun iPad app is a beautiful app which will keep the little ones amused and get their artistic juices flowing.

I will admit that initially I didn’t really know what was going on. I couldn’t find any stickers, and couldn’t exit back to the main screen. With some playing around I realised what I was doing wrong, so after some minor navigational issues I was fine and got back to the menu. Still no stickers though, but once again with a bit of playing around I figured out the way to do it.

Before you head for the stickers, you need to do some colouring first, because as if by magic it’s your colourings that become the stickers. I thought this was a novel idea, as every other sticker app we’d used had pre-made stickers. A nice touch.

When you finished colouring your creation, you just drag down on the scissors slider on the side and your finished sticker will float on down into your sticker box. I really like this method, especially for really young ones as even if they colour outside of the lines, the sticker just cuts the outside bits away. So even if the Colouring is squif inside you always get a recognisable Tatty Teddy sticker to play with on the sticker scenes.

Theres a full palette of colouring pencils, plus a wonderful heart stamp pen which draws handfuls of colourful love hearts all over your stickers.

A really nice app that will keep young iPad users and fans of the Me to You range busy for hours.

The Me to You:Colour & Sticker Fun iPad App is available now from the iTunes store for £1.49



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