Meccano Easy Box and Meccano Rescue Team Fire Truck – Review

Following on from the success that we had with the Mecanno Girls ToolBox, we jumped at the chance to do some more Meccano reviews.

Meccano Easy Box

The Easy Box is very much like the Meccano Girls Pink ToolBox but with a different colour scheme and more boy centric models to make.

Helicopter’s, Racing Cars, Fort Lift Truck even Robot’s can all be made with this versatile set.

Perfect for younger Meccano fans it’s not called an Easy Box for nothing. It is really easy to follow the instructions for each of the models, my 5 year old had no problems finding the pieces we needed and really enjoyed helping me make them. Even Jacob had a great time screwing all of the bolts in with the screwdriver.

It’s great value for money when you consider that you can make 10 different models from just this one set, instructions for 5 are in the box and the other 5 are on the website. The box also doubles as a cool toolbox / Storage box which keeps all of your Meccano and Tools safe and together.

The easy box is the perfect Meccano starter set, and will give your child a great introduction to the world of creative building.

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Meccano Rescue Team Fire Truck

Another one primarily aimed at the boys, The Rescue Team Fire Truck was a big hit with all of us especially my 2 year old Jacob.

What set the Rescue Team apart from all of the other Meccano sets we’ve tried was the figures that come with it. You get two fireman complete with loads of firefighting accessories to use with your completed vehicles.

I say vehicles because as with all of the Meccano sets not only can you build the Big Fire Engine, you can also assemble a smaller off road style engine and a Rescue Helicopter.

With a toy like the Fire Engine I think that the figures really make all of the difference. It’s all very well building and pushing around the fire engine, but with the Fireman your little ones can really let their imaginations run wild.

My only problem with the set would be that I found the instructions quite hard to follow. It took me well over one hour to finish the Fire Engine, and when I’d finished the wheels didn’t move properly as i’d put a piece in incorrectly so had to take it apart and try again.

I did eventually get the Fire Engine working properly but it was hard work. After all of that I was a bit put out when after playing with the Fire Engine for a few hours wanted to take it apart and play with the helicopter! This one was easier and didn’t take half as long, but I know in a day or so I’ll be making the Fire Engine again. I understand that Meccano is meant to be played with and taken apart and reassembled that’s part of the fun, but I feel that the instructions could have been made a bit clearer so the process would be a bit easier.

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