Meccano Pink Girls Tool Box – Review

Although I have two very boisterous boys I’m not against reviewing girly items. In fact I should do more of them, it’s just my time gets taken up with writing reviews of baddies, Action figures and monsters.

So this week when I had the opportunity to review the new range of Meccano toys made with girls in mind, I was very pleased to take them up on the offer.

I never had Meccano when I was younger, but I do remember seeing some models made out of it in a toy museum and the Meccano in this tool box looks nothing like that.

For a start it’s all plastic. All together over 60 pieces, most of which are bright pink and purple. Even the toolbox itself  couldn’t be any more girly, it’s all over sparkly pink.

You get an instruction manual which shows you how to make 5 models which are 2 types of bikes, a car, helicopter and flower. They’re are also another 5 models which Meccano say you can make from this set, and the instructions are available online at

Of course you can make anything that you want really, but having the instructions as a starting point was great.

Me and Thomas had a play around and after making the car and helicopter decided to make a robot, but I’m sure you could make a pushchair quite easily if you wanted to be creative but have something more girl friendly.

Most of the 5 models in the instruction book were easy to complete in about 5 minutes or under. Thomas and me worked together, and he enjoyed screwing in the bolts with the chunky screwdriver. There’s also a spanner, but we didn’t really use it that much, it was easy to use the screwdriver for most things.

The only model I had a problem with was the Chopper style motorbike, I found the instructions for that one quite confusing and couldn’t get it to look right. Apart from that one we were fine.

Although the colour scheme wasn’t Thomas’ cup of tea, he enjoyed making the models and applying the stickers.

You get a sheet of pink and white stickers in various girly shapes like shooting stars and hearts. You also get some eye stickers to give your creations a bit of personality.

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I think that sometimes girls do get left out with the likes of Lego and other construction toys, some will just feel that they are not for them. I think that it’s great that Meccano are reaching out to the more girly of girls and saying “it’s OK, you can have fun making stuff too” and if making the pieces bright Pink and Purple is the answer, than that’s fine by me.

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