Meet Toy Story 3’s newest friend, possibly an old friend of Rainbow Brite too?

The Toy Story 3 promotional wagon is well and truly up and running now. We’ve already been introduced to new characters Ken, the irresistibly cute peas in a pod and Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, now we have the newest character Buttercup.

Buttercup is described as a cuddly Unicorn, with Velvety soft snow coloured fur and a fun to comb mane and tail.

Now I’m not sure if it’s because i’m an 80’s girl, but as soon as I saw the promotional picture I immediately thought of my beloved childhood toy Starlight. In fact I had such a strong case of nostalgia I immediately phoned my mother and asked if she still had my old Rainbow Brite toys.

Starlight was Rainbow Brite’s trusty Unicorn steed, and like Toy Story’s Buttercup had snow white soft as anything velour fur, cute golden hoofs, and a lushious mane and tail (which I used to spend hours brushing).

There are obviously a few differences between the two, Pixar are not going to make them doppelgangers or anything. Buttercup has two heart shaped patches stitched on his cheeks, whereas Starlight had a similar Star shaped patch on his forehead. The most obvious difference is that as a Unicorn Buttercup has a large swirling horn ontop of his head. Starlight did have a horn, but it was hidden and only came out of the star on his head when he was going into battle.

You might be wondering as well about me referring to both Buttercup and Starlight as he all the way through this post, yes it’s true they are despite all appearances Male.

In fact I am now totally convinced that Starlight heavily influenced the design of Buttercup. I’m not saying that I mind, Starlight was my bedtime soft toy of choice when I was a little and I still hold him in a lot of affection. I’m also aware that all the toy’s in Toy Story are obviously based on our childhood favourite’s, It’s just that I’ve had a look around the Internet and can’t believe no ones picked up on Buttercup’s Rainbow Brite influence yet. To me it’s obvious! Anyone with me? post a comment and let me know I’m not imagining it.

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Whilst I’m on the subject of Rainbow Brite,  I here that across the pond there will soon be a revival with a new set of toy’s being released. I’m not sure when or if they will be getting released over here, but to say I’m disappointed with the restyling of my childhood heroine is an understatement.

She’s gone from looking like a normal girl with puppy fat features, into some kind of gaudy multi coloured low rent Bratz doll. Why do manufactures restyle old toys and take away all their redeeming features, then just make them pale copycat imitations of each other. If it wasn’t for the dress and boots which are both wrong anyway (the dress is the wrong colour, and the boots aren’t chunky enough), there would be no way of knowing it’s supposed to be Rainbow Brite at all. Don’t even get me started on Moonglow. She used to be my favourite….What have you done you monsters!!!!

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