Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Castle – Review

This time last year I was already thinking about christmas (yes I really do start organising that early!). In the mental christmas list I’m always writing I had decided that I wanted to look into getting the boys a toy castle. They love fighting and knights and things so I thought a castle would b a big hit.

Unfortunately for me my search for a suitable castle didn’t go well, and consequently they didn’t get one under the Christmas tree. Every one I found during my extensive search was too large, too fiddly, or too expensive. I didn’t want this to be the main present, so wasn’t prepared to pay the what seems to be average £100 price tag.

If only I’d been able to find this Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Castle earlier, my prayers would have been answered.

I received this wonderful wooden castle for review from the lovely Jon at, and it’s exactly the kind of castle I was looking for. My boys have been having so much fun with it over the last week, I’m really thrilled.

The fold and go castle is the perfect size, not too big but definitely big enough for a lot of imaginative play. The fact you can fold it up and take it along with you to another room or even house is so cool. Apart from the figures and accessories you get included there are no other loose parts, so no need to worry about the walls or doors falling off when you transport it around, the castle is totally solid and stable.

The castle has a moveable drawbridge which is held tightly in place by some strong elastic rope. It makes a fair bang when you close up the drawbridge, but I think it adds to the atmosphere. There is also a jailcell with a iron bar effect door which is held in the same way.

Inside the castle you’ll find plenty of rooms and nooks for your figures to play in. Included in the set you get 2 horses with knights, a king and queen complete with thrones, a big bed and a treasure chest for hiding the royal valuables.

As you can tell I was really very impressed by this toy, It is perfect in every way. The value for money is excellent. After all my searching last christmas to no avail, I can’t believe that now I’ve found there is a wooden toy castle which is compact, fully assembled, comes complete with figures and accessories, and most important of all is amazingly under £30!

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  • July 21, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    I love this castle !!!! I will be doing this for christmas this year both the boys love knights and castle xx

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