Melissa and Doug now at The Entertainer

It was with great delight that I noticed The Entertainer has started selling Melissa and Doug products. I’ve always liked their toys, and love the materials that they use. However they have always been quite hard to get hold of.

I’ve often looked with envy at some of their products on, and longed for it to become available in the U.K. You can find some of their products in independent toy shops and online stores, but it’s nice that a multiple has now cottoned on and started to stock them.

I adore the fact that everything is so colourful, chunky and wooden. Everything has a real family feel about it, like it’s really been thought about.

A particular favourite of mine is the Pizza Party set. Make your own wooden pizza complete with toppings. The six slice pizza comes with a pizza cutter and 54 different toppings. Each slice has space for three different toppings to be placed on, and held there with Velcro. All the slices also hold together with Velcro. It’s a really cute set of play food.

Melissa & Doug - Pizza Party (Entertainer) Entertainer Logo


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Another wonderful toy is the beautiful Wooden Take Along Tool Kit. My son must have been through at least 4 plastic tool kits before we found this one. Amazingly sturdy, you definitely wont need another tool set after this one. With 24 pieces of tools, screws, nails, bolts, and nuts it’s got everything your budding Bob the Builder or in my case Handy Manny will need. Even the tool box itself can be used in the construction play and holes around the sides of the box can be nailed and screwed. It’s truly a lovely toy.

Melissa & Doug - Take Along Tool Kit (Entertainer) Entertainer Logo


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There’s not that many products available at the moment, just seven in total. Hopefully that will change if they realise that there’s a demand, and believe me there will be, at least in this household!

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