Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express

This is a heads up for all of you that have Playhouse Disney, and a Mickey Mouse mad preschooler.

A new feature lenghth episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called the Choo Choo Express is soon to be showing on a screen near you.

I saw the advertisement for this today, and Jacob was really excited. He even went and sat down on the sofa ready to watch. He didn’t realise it was just an advert and was disappointed, “Choo Choo gone” he said.

Well the advert doesn’t say when it’s on, but I had a look at the website and I can see it premieres this Friday 11th at 12:00. It’s also on the 17th and the 2nd of January at 12:00 too if you miss it.

I had a slight feeling of deja vu whilst watching the advert, and realised I remember seeing part of this already. Now I know that a lot of the Clubhouses have a similar plot lines, but I definitely remember the sensational six taking the Choo Choo Express up Mistletoe mountain to collect the snow. So how is it a premiere?!

Looking at the DVD details (it’s already been shown in the US so is out already for anyone without Playhouse Disney) it seems that they have basically joined two episodes together. Firstly they go on the Choo Choo Express and collect the snow, which I have definitely seen. Then in the second part of the story they go back out on the train to collect their friends to attend the Big Easy Freezy Party!

As I mentioned the episode has already been aired in the US, and their is already a toy version of the Choo Choo Express out over there. How long this nifty little train takes to reach our shores I’m not sure. However as I’m off on holiday to Florida in the new year, Jacob just might be bringing one home with him.

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I remembered from the Choo Choo episode, it has a pretty catchy “Choo Choo Boogie” song which the boys both loved. The new episode has a new song by They Might Be Giants (who sing the clubhouse theme tune) which seemed quite good as well from what I’d seen on the advert. So I took the plunge and bought the album with the songs, and they are great!

They’re is a new album available called Meeska, Mooska Mickey Mouse, which features the two songs from the Choo Choo Express show and lots of other hits from different episodes too. This album is much better than the previous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Album, as the songs are all familiar from the show. For some reason the last album was full of songs that we didn’t know, and as such we don’t listen to it very often.

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Have a look at the advert for the show below, and see for yourself but I think this will be a great Christmas treat for all the family!

And if after all the fun of the show, your kids still aren’t Choo Chooed out, check out Playhousedisney.com where you can play a special Choo Choo Express game.

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