Micro Moshi – Review

Those Moshi’s are back – But not the way we know them. This time size really does matter. Honey they shrunk the Moshi’s!

These miniature versions of the Monsters we all know and love are super cute and the Moshi fans are going to go mad for them (I know my 2 did)

Being Mini means that it’s now even easier to take your Moshi collection around with you. Jacob has been carrying around all of his Micro Moshi’s in a little purse I found him. He’s suddenly a lot more popular with all the girls in his class!

Not everything is smaller though, there’s also a new range of Micro Moshi Mega Heads, which are oversized heads of some of the most iconic Moshi characters Jeepers, Scamp, Honey, Iggy and Pooky. Each Mega Head comes with a surprise Micro Moshi hidden inside.

We were lucky enough to be sent one of the Mega Heads, plus the Micro Moshi Collectables Series 1 set which is a great way to kick-start your collection.

The Micro Moshi Collectables Series 1 set gives you seven new Micro Moshi’s, 2 of which are secret until you open the pack.

The thing I like about the Micro Moshi’s is that although you perhaps don’t get as much detail as their bigger counterparts, it’s made up for by how different from each other they all are. Some are transparent, some bouncy, some shiny, It’s really exciting to see what they have done with your Moshi Pals.

If your all into the shiny and like a bit of bling, then you’ll be after the Micro Moshi SIlver Collection. 10 limited edition silver Micro Moshi’s all wrapped up in a silver collectors tin.

They are a lot smaller than regular Moshi Monsters, so be sure to keep a close eye on them, as they will become lost very easily unless stored somewhere safe. On that point I wouldn’t try to cram all your Micro’s into one of the Mega Heads. Jacob decided to put 6 into our Iggy Mega Head and although they got in there, they were quite difficult to get out afterwards.

To give you an idea of the size difference, here’s a photo of some of the Micro Moshi’s we have and their original Series 1 counterparts from our Moshi collection.














Also in the new collection are the new Case Faces. The Case Faces make the perfect place to showcase your new Micro Moshi collection. Choose from either Nipper or Oddie. Not only is there space for up to 16 Micro Moshi’s inside, there’s also somewhere for them to play as well. Nipper has a slide inside, and Oddie’s inner ring is a spinning wheel.

If your Micro Moshi’s are after yet more excitement then you had better send them over to the Moshi Monsters Micro ThemePark. This funtastic little playset has a Ferris wheel, Spinning rockets and even a Rollercoaster.

The Themepark set also comes with 2 MicroMoshi’s included. One Ultra Rare, and One squashi Moshi.

My boys have really taken a shine to the Micro Moshi’s. As a parent I will admit to preferring the bigger version only because the Micro’s look like they will be lost so easily. However Jacob has been extra careful with his collection, and we haven’t lost one yet.

Jacob likes the way that he can take them around with him, and have his Moshlings ready to play with all day. He also loves how bouncy the Squashi ones are. Him and his playground buddies have been having bouncing competitions with them apparently.

With further Character packs and playsets due to released throughout the year, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Micro Moshi’s.



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