Miffy and Dick Bruna Christmas Gifts – Review

It’s Jacob’s birthday soon, Dec 4th and I can’t wait. Not only because I can’t wait to see how he reacts to his Super Mario Birthday Cake or his big present of the Imaginext BigFoot The Monster. No it’s mostly because it means that the day after it’s officially Christmas time and I can finally put up the Christmas Decorations!

I’m particularly excited this year as I have some new additions to my collection thanks to the very lovely people at Miffy UK.

I was sent both the very beautiful Nativity Scene based upon the classic Christmas Book by the Miffy creator Dick Bruna, and a gorgeous 9″ plush Miffy dressed in A festive dress and Santa hat.

I’ve always wanted to get a Nativity Scene to go up at Christmas time, but have always been put off by them either being too stuffy and serious, or too expensive. I can wholeheartedly report that this lovely set is none of the above.

The set is incredibly easy to put together, you just slot a few pieces together to construct the stables. All of the 22 pieces are totally stable and stand without a problem. The boys both had great fun arranging everyone in and around the stables. It was also great because they are both doing the Nativity for the school play, so Thomas already knew all of the Christmas story and told me all about it whilst we arranged everything.

The big Miffy Christmas plush was also a big hit with the boys, which surprised me a little. As a little girl I can remember reading and loving Miffy books, so I was obviously thrilled with my cuddly Miffy but I wasn’t sure whether it would be the boys cup of tea. Well I was proved wrong as they both immediately took to her and Thomas said she would look beautiful sat underneath the Christmas Tree when we get it out.

It’s also had another side effect which is that the boy’s now have an interest in Miffy and wanted to go to the library and get some Miffy books. Of course I was thrilled by this, and we have had some great bedtimes this week reading some of my old favorites.

You can purchase both the Nativity Scene Set and the Plush Christmas Miffy, plus loads of other great Miffy products from the Official Miffy online shop

Merry Christmas Miffy!

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