Mini Micro Scooter – Review

Thomas has been bugging me to get him a scooter for ages, and Jacob has become quite attached to one in the nursery, so when the opportunity came around to review a new Micro Scooter it was just perfect for us.

We were sent the Mini Micro Scooter T-Bar in blue to test out, and immediately I was impressed. As soon as the courier delivered the box to us, the boys spied the scooter picture on the outside, cue 5 minutes of running around the house screaming with happiness!

I was a bit worried that after all this excitement I wouldn’t be able to put the scooter together on my own, and that the boys were going to be disappointed they couldn’t play straight away. Luckily for me all that was needed was to slot the steering handle into the base and we were done, I was so relieved, and the boys were ecstatic to be riding around scooting within 10 minutes of delivery.

When the initial scooting started, Thomas’ first question was “How do I steer it?” Well it does take a bit of getting used to. The Mini Micro has been developed with the help of Swiss medical experts to help toddlers develop balance and co-ordination skills, and they came up with the method of tilting the handlebar to control steering rather than the tradition twisting.

Once you get used to the way the Mini Micro turns it works really well, you just lean in to the side you wish to turn. Both Thomas and Jacob were very quickly Micro Scooter experts, and down the park showing off their new skills to their friends.

I was very happy that the Mini Micro was suitable for both Thomas who is 5, and his 3-year old brother Jacob  to use. You might think that as his younger brother had been using it Thomas might think it was too young for him, but because it doesn’t look at all babyish and rather is very stylish and cool, they have in fact been fighting over it. I think Jacob is very happy that he gets to ride the same scooter as his big brother, he looks very proud when it’s his turn.

The Mini Micro scooter is advertised as being suitable from children from 3-5, but younger  toddlers who are confident walking should also be fine with this scooter. If you have older children who want to get in on the Micro Scooter fun don’t worry, there is a Maxi Micro version which is ideal for 6-12 yr olds and even aluminium scooters big enough for you and me!

I would recommend the Mini Micro Scooter to anyone looking for a scooter for their toddler which is safe, easy to learn, and looks very very cool!

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