Monopoly Cityville – Review

Following on from my Hungry Hungry Herd board game review last week, now we have another classic Hasbro/Zynga mashup Monopoly Cityville.

Monopoly is one of those evergreen franchises that can seemingly be rejigged again and again, and still maintain its original appeal.

It’s all part of the range of games that Hasbro and Zynga have collaborated on together, combining classic Hasbro games with the digital hits of Zynga. Included in the range are Draw Something, Words with Friends, Hungry Hungry Herd and Monopoly Cityville.

I’m not really an avid collector, but even I have over 5 versions of Monopoly in the house at this moment (6 if you count the Monopoly Millionaire upstairs that Thomas’ is getting for Christmas).

Even so it was with great excitement that we sat down as a family to play yet another version, this one however is quite a lot different from other variations we’ve played, in a good way definitely.

For a start the first thing you notice about the board is all of the coloured arrows protruding from the property spaces. This is you don’t place the houses/hotels (I’ll call them that for the moment) on the actual property space as usual, no. This time you place them as the arrows direct, and watch as a mini city is built before your eyes. Rather than having rows of houses, the property is spread out amongst illustrations on the board of houses and businesses, making it seem much more like a real community, with real buildings being built. I like the design, and how it looks a lot.

Now to the houses/ hotels. In Monopoly Cityville you actually have 4 different options that you can buy and build:

Houses – Which are the traditional red, although a different shape and size than usual

Businesses – Which are blue

Community Buildings – Which are Yellow

and Skyscrapers – Which are silver coloured

The winner of the game is the first player to own four Skyscrapers.

You need to have already built 3 others buildings on that card before you can add a Skyscraper, but you can choose whatever mix of houses/community buildings/business’s that you like.  The only difference between the buildings is through the outcome of the Visitor Centre cards, like the traditional chance cards. Some Visitor Centre cards will affect Community buildings, some businesses, some Skyscrapers, with things like pollution tax for businesses, or upgrade your community centre buildings cards.

As well as the visitor centre cards there are Mystery Gift cards which add value to the rent that you can collect for a property.

Another difference in Monopoly Cityville is that the houses/buildings you purchase are built on top of each other, rather than side by side, so it really looks like the game with all the different levels of buildings and skyscrapers.

For me playing with younger children, the ability to be able to build on your property card without having to own the full set was a bonus. I’m always mediating Monopoly arguments between the boys over the swapping of cards to make sets, so this element was a welcome one for us. It meant that we could all have the fun of building straight away.  It also made the game move along quicker, which was a bonus. However much I love Monopoly, sometimes it can get to a stalemate and go on forever. This version seemed to necessitate more buying,selling and mortgaging than other incarnations I have played, so something was always happening.

As you’d expect the property names have all been changed, and being Cityville they are now all stores or buildings like the Firehouse and Cinema. The boys were in a race to see how could buy the Pink set properties first, as they both wanted the Video Game and Toy Store. Me – I was happiest when I landed on the Diamond Boutique.

Again as with the Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd game, as a bonus for mums and dads it comes with a digital gift. This time it’s 85 City Cash for use in Cityville. A very welcome gift, if you play the online game, and it makes getting the Monopoly CityVille Board Game well worth it.

If Cityville is your game, then you’ll really enjoy all the references spread throughout like the player tokens, and the images on the money, but you certainly don’t have to be a Cityville addict to enjoy Cityville Monopoly. None of our family had ever played, and we just enjoyed playing a different version of one of our favourite games.

Well worth adding to your collection if you’re a Monopoly fan.








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