Monster High

In a very appropriate post for Halloween I have a question for you, Have you ever wondered where the offspring of those famous movie monsters would go to school? Well Mattel have obviously been giving it some thought and have come up with their great new Monster High range of dolls.

Don’t worry though the kids have left their parents bad habits of hauntings, Blood sucking and Brain eating behind them, so now the only killer thing about them is their style!

The main students at the school are :

Lagoona Blue – Daughter of the Sea Monster, she carries her pet piranha Neptuna around in her handbag.

Clawdeen Wolf – Daughter of the Werewolf, spends endless amounts of time plucking and shaving her endless hair and making herself look fabulous.

Frankie Stein – Daughter of Frankenstein, Has a bad habit of losing limbs at inopportune moments when her stitching comes loose.

Draculaura – Daughter of Dracula,She’s a vegan and has a BFF (Best Bat Forever) called Count Fabulous.

Deuce Gorgon – Son of Medusa, He has to wear sunglasses to avoid turning his friends into stone. His girlfriend is Cleo De Nile.

Cleo de Nile РDaughter of The Mummy, and a Princess who loves to rule the school.  Captain of the Fearleading squad.

I love the way that the range has been really well thought out, and so much detail has gone into every students Bio’s. Probably because it’s based around a the Monster High book series by Lisi Harrison.

It’s all enhanced by a very cool website which has everything you could possibly want to know about all the monsters, lessons, teachers, and anything else you want to find out. There’s even a set of Webisodes, short cartoons which give you even more insight into the day to day goings on at Monster High. They’re very clever and funny, and I’m sure if I was an 8 year old girl I would be champing at the bit to get my hands on these dolls (well I am anyway and I’m slightly older than that)

Is it really sad that I downloaded myself a Monster High Ringtone? ….Best not answer that

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