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It’s not going to be long until Halloween is upon us. I don’t know about you but the whole Halloween business seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each passing year.

I have always been a firm hater of Halloween, as I hate all things scary, bloody and spooky. Even The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror is too scary for me.  However last year I actually took the boys trick or treating around the neighbourhood, and even bought sweets for the trick or treaters we had. I’ve also become a dab hand at pumpkin carving, I really love doing those.

I don’t know whether it’s simply to please the kids, or whether I’m just been swept along with the whole juggernaut of the thing. Whatever it is – I’m beginning to warm slightly to Halloween.

We’ve had the big start back to school, and soon it’ll be the time when your youngster starts having a think about who they want to go Trick or Treating as this year. So I thought I’d help you all out and start searching out the very best Halloween costumes for your son’s and Daughters this year.

I’m starting off with Monster High, as it’s my latest guilty pleasure. If I could find a big enough Draculaura costume I’d be in it, but as I can’t I’m going to console myself with making sure all of your ghoulish girls are dressed up as my favourite characters.

Whether worn for Halloween, or just for dress up play around the house, these costumes are simply to die for!

Frankie Stein

Could this outfit look any more ghoulishly gorgeous!

It’s a perfect copy of Frankie Stein’s school uniform outfit, and is so freakishly fashionable it’s unbelievable.

I love the leggings and sleevelets that look like Frankie’s stitched together legs and arms.

This Halloween outfit is so cute it hurts.

Monster High Frankie Stein Outfit – 5 – 7 Years

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.


Draculaura is one of the most popular characters from Monster High with the girls.

I think it’s because even though she’s creepy, she’s still a girl who loves pink just like they do.

This Draculaura costume is exactly the kind of thing I’d love to be walking around in everyday, let alone Halloween. If I could get away with wearing one of these to Sainsburys I would.

The outfit includes the ruffle shirt, with the black lacy arms, underneath the hot pink waistcoat.

The cute silky skirt and lacy leggings are also included with the costume.

Unfortunately the Pink boots are not, so I suggest getting a pair of knee-length pink socks or tights to use instead.

Don’t be too disheartened though, I actually just found a few pairs of Tights that would look amazing with this Draculaura costume.

Pink and Black  Stripped Tights from M&S

Purple Witch Print Tights from M&S

Sparkle Cobweb Tights from M&S 

Small, Medium and Large : Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High Draculaura Costume

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Clawdeen Wolf

 Clawdeen Wolf is one sassy werewolf, and this costume just oozes attitude.

The Costume set comes with the Faux-Fur trimmed jacket and attached tiger-striped top.

Skirt with Faux leather belt. Plus the Faux leather choker is also included.

As you can probably imagine, those boots are not included in the costume.

However don’t worry I’ve found another pair of tights that would go wonderfully.

How about these Orange Stripped Tights from M&S

Picking up the Orange and black in the top, I think they would look amazing with this outfit.

I love the Wig with the Ears. They are so cute.

Clawdeen has always been the most fierce fashionista in Monster High, and your daughter rule the school too in this awesome costume!

Small : Rubies Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume age 3-4yrs

Medium and Large : Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume

Sorry - no matching products found.

Lagoona Blue Costume

Being the daughter of a sea monster, cool blue is Lagoona’s style. Perfect for girls who love dressing up and looking girly, but are maybe not so keen on the Draculaura full on Hot Pink vibe.

This outfit looks like it comes in the most pieces, and might be the hardest to get into as most of the parts are attached together.

Possibly best for an older child, as a little one might misplace pieces easily or have trouble getting in and out of the costume easily.

The costume comprises the Jacket with attached shirt and fins, and Skirt with attached short leggings and fins.

The wig which is available separately has Lagoona’s distinctive Blue streaks which she gets from the chlorine in the Monster High school pool.

Large : Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume Large

Medium : Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High Lagoona Costume

Rubie’s Costume Co Rubies Monster High Lagoona Blue Girls Wig



Cleo De Nile

Get that Halloween party dress all wrapped up with the Cleo De Nile outfit.

Cleo De Nile is Monster High’s take on Cleopatra and the mummy combined.

I think this maybe my favourite outfit in terms of overall look. I think the Aquamarine over the mummy bandages looks awesome.

The costume comes with Mummy bandage effect top with attached floating aquamarine overshirt and Mummy Bandage effect leggings.

You also get the studded belt, bandage effect armbands, and bandage effect sleeveless gloves.

Large Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High Cleo de Nile Costume

Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High – Cleo De Nile Child Costume Size 4-6 Small

Rubie’s Costume Co Rubies Monster High Cleo de Nile Girls Wig


Abbey Bominable

 Absolutely the coolest student in Monster High is Abbey Bominable

Being the Daughter of a Yeti, Abbey is very fond of her snow-white coloured fur.

Rather than being to cool for school, She actually wears special ice crystals to keep herself cold just like her arctic home.

The Abbey Bominable costume comprises a beautiful Fur trimmed Geometric print dress, which would be simply stunning on its own.

The Faux fur arms and amazing Furry leg warmers are also included.

The leg warmers are so much fun, and will guarantee that you’ll definitely be noticed this Halloween.

The good thing about this outfit is that all you really need to add is a pair of plain white tights or leggings and your good to go.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Halloween Costume Large Age 10-12 Yrs

Monster High Abbey Bominable Halloween Costume Medium Age 7-9 Yrs

Just a heads up, I’ve tried to include the items separately if need be, but be sure to check the product descriptions carefully on the websites before you buy. Some sites include the wigs in the overall package, some sell them separately.

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