Monster Jam

We took my eldest Thomas to see the Monster Trucks this weekend at Monster Jam.

Everyone had a great time even though it was a really late night, well past Thomas’ bedtime.

Obviously as happens whenever you go anywhere, there was plenty of merchandise available. We picked up a cuddly Donkey Kong truck for Jacob who was left at home for the night with his gran, he would have really loved to have seen them as he loves trucks and bikes but he’s just too small at the minute. Next year maybe.

We had tickets to go to the Pit Party beforehand, which was fun. Got the chance to get some great pictures of Thomas with all the trucks. He was amazed at how big they were.

Thomas has decided that Grave Digger is his favourite Monster Truck, as he’s scary and has a haunted mansion on the side like in Scooby Doo. He’s pictured here holding his beloved Dracula Scooby Doo figure, he thinks this should be Dracula’s car.

So he bought a Hot Wheels Grave Digger Super Speeder, with a rip cord attached that when pulled speeds across the floor.

Since we’ve got home he’s been setting up some ramps and things around the room for Grave Digger to jump over, but now he want’s more Monster Trucks so he can set up some races and have his own Monster Jam!

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