Monster Price For Gold Competition

“What’s you biggest passion in life?” is the question Monster Price For Gold is asking bloggers, Well for me it’s all too easy…toys of course!

You’re probably all gasping away right now, “How can a mother say that? What about your family? How can toys possibly compare to your two gorgeous boys?”.

Well that’s the best thing about it, by having a passion for toys my sons instantly got a mum who doesn’t mind buying all the latest must have toys, actively enjoys pouring over the Argos catalogue with them, drooling over the latest Ben 10 figure collection, and most importantly loves getting down and dirty on the floor and playing with them.

Toys for me hold so many good memories that I just can’t help to be drawn back to them always. Possibly the reason behind this is that as an only child without that many friends, my toys were always there for me. I would spend hours building elaborate worlds with my Lego or meticulously rearranging my Barbie’s wardrobe of shoes, hats and dresses into co-ordinating outfits.

Of course with having two boys the days of me playing with Barbie’s over (no girl dolls allowed, sorry mum!), now we enjoy epic battles between Spider Man and the Sinister Six, or recreating that episode of Chugington that where the T-Rex eats Koko. OK so as of yet that episode has yet to be broadcast on Cbeebies, but that’s the beauty of toys, you make your own rules.

A lot of the toys that I enjoyed playing with in my childhood and am passionate about are still around, although in slightly different guises. The Bluebird Al a Carte kitchen which I begged and begged my mother for and was my pride and joy for many years is long gone, Now I get my pretend cooking kicks with our more high tech Little Tikes Cook N Learn kitchen. Yes Thomas’ cooker is much more advanced than my old Al a Carte kitchen (it recognises the food with RFID don’t you know) but the games that we play with it are still the same as I used to back in my little wendy house in the 80’s. We bake cakes, fry eggs, I nod with approval as they both present their dishes to me for critic just like I used to do to my mum, I love it.

My passion for toys brings me and the boys closer together, and I wouldn’t give our playtime up for anything in the world.

If I’ve convinced you that I’m truly passionate about toys, please vote for Toybuzz in the Monster Price For Gold Competition, I’d love to win if only to enable me to buy some more! Never enough toys in the house!

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