Monsters Vs. Aliens


Me and Thomas have made a date for next week to go and see the new Dreamworks movie “Monsters Vs Aliens”

We’re going to see it in 3D, as we saw Bolt in 3D and I thought it looked stunning.

So I thought I’d have a look at what Monsters Vs Aliens toys are in the shops. 

From the trailer my son has already decided B.O.B. the blob is his favourite, and it looks like he might have one of the best figures. B.O.B is a huge ball of indestructible slime and he’s also very funny. The 6″ B.O.B. figure is super stretchy with a slot at the bottom to enable him to absorb objects,he also comes with some slime (why do all boy’s toys come with slime?).

Sorry - no matching products found.

Also looking good is the Ginormica figure. Ginormica is a normal lady who happened to be hit by a meteor full of space gunk, and suddenly grew to 50ft tall. The thing I like about Ginormica are the pair of skates that she comes with, two cars which she strap on her feet. Pretty cool!.

I’ve also spotted the MVA Area 52 Foam Dart Blaster which I’m sure my son would love!! Can’t find out much about it other than it’s a foam shooter like a Nerf gun.

There’s are loads of other Monsters Vs Aliens toys available, too many for me to list them all here. This is just a selection of the few that I’ve seen, I’m sure once the film comes out more will become available.

I’ve got myself all excited about the movie now, I just can’t wait to go and see it.

One thought on “Monsters Vs. Aliens

  • December 5, 2009 at 2:56 am

    The BOB the Blob playsets are currecntly half price at toys r us online, £7.50! Still no sign of insectosaurus:(

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