Moon Dough Diner – Review

You’ve probably seen the adverts for Moon Dough on  children’s TV channels recently, well this week me and the boys got to test it out for ourselves.

Moon Dough is magically fluffy playstuff that wont dry out – ever! It’s also hyper allergenic and wheat free, so good news for all of those parents of little ones with sensitive skin or wheat allergies.

If your used to using Play-doh or Soft Stuff the texture of new Moon Dough can be a bit disconcerting at first, it took me a bit of getting used to. Once you snip open the plastic wrapping the instructions state that you need to work the Moon Dough in your hands for a few minutes to loosen it up and make it all stick together.

Although initially weird if you keep on handling the Dough it does work and all comes together nicely. I opened a few packets from different sets too, and have found that some seem to be playable earlier than others,  some need more time being worked in the hands.

We’ve found that Moon Dough works best when compacted into the moulds and the machines, you can’t really make anything else like you can with Play-doh. However that’s fine as we love Play-doh too so will probably still play with both, they are both good products at what they do.

The main attraction my boys have with the Moon Dough is that because it’s so light and fluffy they can use the moulds easier and can make the models and things themselves without so much help. Sometimes Play-doh can be so heavy and dense that Jacob can’t push down the lever on his Fun Factory which frustrates him.  With the Moon Dough Burger machine you just fill the top up and then gently turn round the handle and out pops the burger. It even slices off the excess Moon Dough if your enthusiastic builder has pilled in too much, it really couldn’t be simpler.

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The one problem we did encounter was that although Jacob was perfectly happy churning out endless fries, burgers and drinks all in one colour, Thomas wanted to make sure that his creations were two tone just like the ones on the box. Now the Fries, Drinks and Pie moulds are quite easy to do in two colours as per the box, but the burgers were very tricky.

After 4 attempts I think I got it down so it looks pretty much like the illustration on the box, it wasn’t however a quick process. My last and best attempt took me 5 minutes of poking and prodding in the machine to get right.

The difficulty is that when you push the Moon dough into the burger maker  theres no real indication when to put the middle colour in and when to add the top layer. You need to feel around inside where the grooves are and try and work it out as best as you can. You also need to make sure that none of the first colour ends up in the grooves, because even a tiny speck of yellow in that red middle of the burger looks really noticeable.

Another small quibble is the fact that the Moon Dough doesn’t come with a lidded container, well to be honest theres no container at all. It comes in a plastic packet which it says to throw away immediately, so that means I’m left with no home for my Moon Dough. I know that it doesn’t dry out or go crumbly which is great, but I would have liked a small pot to keep it in.


Asides from my small burger bugbear the Moon Dough Diner set is a lot of fun.  Jacob in particular loves his Moon Dough as it gives him a lot of independence when playing. He loves that he can join in with his brother and do it all on his own without too much help from Mummy.

Thomas being older was more into the making the most authentic fast food articles, so it became a fun game between me and him who could make the best fries, pies and burgers.

I would definitely recommend the Moon Dough Diner set as a good fun buy that all the family can sit round the table and enjoy together.


Thanks to the lovely people at Spinmaster, Toybuzz is happy to be able to giveaway a Moon Dough Diner Set to one lucky reader. You just need to email your details over to with the message header Moon Dough Comp. Winner will be chosen at random and competition closes 11/10/10. Good Luck everyone :)

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  • October 8, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Great review, really detailed. And thanks for the opportunity to win as well :)

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