Moon Dough Magic Zoo and Moon Dough Bunnies – Review

We were very lucky this week to receive some of Spin Master’s newest products for review.

My boys were both jumping up and down when the postman brought them the Moon Dough Magic Zoo and Moon Dough Bunnies Sets to play with, especially since they’d just seen the Magic Zoo advert on the TV and were telling me how great it looked.

With the bunnies set you get a very cute moulding machine which we decided looks like a rabbit tree house.

You load the Moon Dough in the top, then crank and magically your fluffy bunny will fall out of the bottom of the tree. You can then use the other included moulds to make bunny’s dinner, there’s carrots, turnips and cabbages to choose from.

This little set is a great alternative to the Easter egg. It will last a lot longer than a bit of chocolate, and your children can have lots of fun with it and keep themselves busy over the Easter holidays.

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The Moon Dough Magic Zoo is a larger set which has a very fun added element, in addition to all the usual Moon dough fun. The reason that it’s called Magic Zoo is because the Moon Dough animals that you make to inhabit your zoo will magically zoom out of their cage and walk around the place.

This effect is achieved all thanks to a little wind up cone with legs, like the small party bag toys you can get. As you turn the crank on the top of the machine, the cage with your Moon Dough and chosen animal mould lowers down and also winds up the toy feet at the same time. When you reach the critical point the cage breaks open and your Moon Dough animal will walk free.

The boys both loved watching the animals walking around, it’s really clever and something a bit different. I’ve not seen another toy do anything like it before.

One tip I have  is to always make sure that the little wind up walker has totally stopped wandering around before placing him back into the machine for another creation. Thomas was getting a bit ahead of himself, and a couple of times quickly whipped his animal off the walking legs and put them back in the maker to quickly. Over a few attempts I think the legs slowly got over wound and then ceased to work. It’s not too much of a problem as luckily the set comes with two sets of the wind up walking legs, but Thomas was a bit down when he realised what he’d done.

Within the Magic Zoo set you will find 2 sets of wind up legs, 3 different animal moulds (Gorilla, Bear and Penguin) two packs of Moon Dough and a fence making mould for making enclosures for your animals.

After we’d spent a good hour making several of each animal and enough fences to make sure each one had a happy home, Jacob got a bit worried that our animals might be getting hungry. Handily because we had the Bunnies set and also the Burger Diner from a previous review, we were also able to keep our hungry animals happy with lots of Cabbages, Carrots plus Burgers and fries.

Both of the sets have been used constantly before and after school ever since we got them and there’s no sign of the boys stopping yet. The great thing is that as Moon Dough never dries out we can just add more and more animals and fences expanding our Zoo everyday, without the need to start over all the time. The only thing that could possibly scupper our fun is running out of Moon Dough!

(Apologies for quality of the video below, It’s really hard to film and turn a crank at the same time. I seem to be making a right meal of it, but it’s simple without a camera in one hand honest. As a bonus you do get to hear a snippet of my very cute little Jacob, which is nice)

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As well as Spin Master’s newest additions to the Moon Dough range, they also have two new products in their Moon Sand line out now as well. Moon Sand Destruction and Moon Sand Candy Factory.

The Moon Sand Destruction set is a continuation of the Moon Sand Construction range, and sounds like the ideal gift for a young boy. Make a small house with Moon Sand bricks, windows and doors, and then press a button to blow the whole thing up!

The Moon Sand Candy Factory is part of the Sweet Delights range, and allows you to make a whole host of realistic looking sweet treats which you can then bake and even paint.

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