Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 4 Countdown – Day Nineteen

Wow! This is so amazing. I am so honoured that Toybuzz has been asked to host the Series 4 Moshi Monsters Moshlings Countdown. Every day this month I will be unveiling one of the new Moshlings to the world, building up to the big launch on the 25th August.

Day 20! What happened, Were nearly at the end of the countdown already

Centre of attention today is our newest Moshling, Shelly the Nattering Nutling

More accustomed to following celebrities than being one herself, Shelly is a bit of a groupie.

Nattering Nutling’s are mad about Moshi celebrities, hunting down singers like Zack Binspin and Bobbi Singsong for Autographs.

Spending her time reading the gossip columns and singing along to Music Rox, she sounds a bit like me really rather than Jacob this time.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see which new Moshling is revealed in Day 20 of the Moshi Monster Series 4 Countdown.

Moshi Monsters Series 4 will be available from 25th August 2012. Thanks to Vivid Toy Group for letting us reveal them to everyone.

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