Moshi Monsters Rox Collectors Tin – Review

As regular readers will know thanks to our amazingly successful Moshi Monsters Series 4 Countdown this August, My boys are both Moshi Monster Mad. Always on the lookout for new figures to add to their collections, they were ecstatic this week when we received the new Moshi Monsters Rox Collector Tin from Vivid Toys for review.

All Moshi Monsters fans will know that Rox are the thing that makes Monstro City go round. So these blinged up limited edition Roxed out versions of your favourite Moshi’s are bound to go down well, and be a very welcome addition to your childs Moshi Monsters collection.

Inside our tin we found:

  • A Blue see through¬†Coolio
  • A Yellow crystal cut Wurley. All the edges are diamond cut rather than curved as he usually is.
  • An emerald-green Blingo – Who is Jacob’s favourite as he’s one he didn’t already have a version of.
  • A gorgeous blue Plink who I love
  • A vivid Pink Liberty with the same hard cut diamond edges as Wurley. I think they all have the Rox type cut edges – but Wurley and Liberty are most noticeably different in appearance
  • Emerald Green Cleo
  • Yellow Priscilla¬†
  • Star of the show is the Pink Rox – Much more see through and sparkly than the last limited edition Rox we had with the Moshi Monsters Treehouse.

The tin itself is decorated beautifully. I love the cascading Rox pictured all over. It’s also a great place for storing the rest of your Moshi Monsters collection as there is plenty of room inside. Jacob has set it aside for his ‘most favourite-est’ Moshi Monsters, so that’s all the new Limited Editions and all of his new series 4’s then :)

For the amount of special Limited Edition Moshlings you get with this tin, it’s a no brainer. This is a brilliant gift for any Moshi Monsters fan. Highly recommended.



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