Moshi Monsters Series 10 Countdown – Day Ten

Moshi Monsters Series 10 Countdown

We are so proud that once again we’ve been asked to host one of the Moshi Monsters Series 10 countdown’s alongside a few other fellow bloggers.

Everyday from now until the Launch day of 23rd May we’ll be revealing one new Series 10 Moshling.

Once we get to the end, it’ll be the big day 23rd May – The day when you’ll be able to rush into the stores and pick up your own Series 10 Moshi’s.

Day 10 of Series 10, and it’s Toasty – The buttery Breadhead who’s jumping out at us.

Buttery Breadhead’s are amazing, and I so wish I was one.

There favourite thing to do is to spread themselves with is to spread themselves with salty butter and fling themselves off tall buildings, trying to land butter side up.

This to me sounds like the best thing ever, I’m definitely a buttery bread head at heart.

They don’t like the cold though, so don’t be scared if they hide in your toaster.

Purchase a series 10 pack and receive free entry to Sea Life Centres across the UK (valid til Dec 2014) with the purchase of one full price adult ticket. Take the voucher found in your blind bag or cut out the voucher from the back of the blister card along to your local Sea Life Centre to redeem the voucher for a day of sea life fun! You can also head onto enter in your unique code found in your Series 10 pack and see if you’ve won one of the heaps of roarsome prizes we have up for grabs including a family holiday to Sea Life in Berlin!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see who’s next to be revealed

Thanks to Vivid Toys and Games and Mind Candy for letting us once again be part of the Moshi Monsters fun.

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