Moshi Monsters Series 6 Countdown – Day Sixteen

Moshi Monsters Series 6 Countdown

Were so honoured that Toybuzz has been asked again to participate in a Moshi Monsters Series Countdown.

Everyday from now up until the 21st March we will be revealing one new Series 6 Moshi.

All building up to the big launch of series 6 on the 22nd March.

So here we finally are, Day Sixteen the final day of the Moshi Monsters Series 6 countdown. Although don’t cry to much as we will be back tomorrow with an extra special Moshi treat.

As promised todays final Series 6 Moshling to be revealed is a good one, it’s Buster Bumblechops

Buster Bumblechops is already very well-known to all Moshi Monsters fan’s as the number one Moshling collector.

I’ve always seen him as Monstro city’s own David Bellamy/ David Attenborough. Trudging through the undergrowth searching for elusive Moshlings.

I’m actually really surprised it’s taken until series 6 for Buster to get his own Moshling figure.

I assumed Buster was so well know that he would already be in one of the sets.

It’s great now that he has his own figure. My boys have been enjoying playing explorers with him (once I explained he is an explorer not a cowboy)

Make sure you come back tomorrow because even though there is no new Moshling to reveal

there will be something equally exciting that you just wont want to miss.

Thanks to Vivid Toys and Games for letting us once again be part of the Moshi Monsters fun.

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