Moshi Monsters Series 7 Countdown – Day Eight

Moshi Monsters Series 7 Countdown

We are so proud that once again we’ve been asked to host one of the Moshi Monsters Series 7 countdown’s alongside a few other fellow bloggers.

Everyday from now until the Launch day of 26th July we’ll be revealing one new Series 7 Moshling.

Once we get to the end, it’ll be the big day 26th July – The day when you’ll be able to rush into the stores and pick up your own Series 7 Moshi’s.

Were at day Eight and the half way point of the countdown, Today we welcome Blue Jeepers to the Moshling Fold

Blue Jeepers is a cute little cub of a moshling

I love his blue fur, with a pop of colour from his bright pink tongue sticking.

He must be related to the other moshling Jeepers, but I prefer Blue Jeepers as his colour is so vibrant.


Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out who the next Series 7 Moshling to be revealed will be?

Thanks to Vivid Toys and Games for letting us once again be part of the Moshi Monsters fun.


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