Moshi Monsters Series 7 Countdown – Day Three


Moshi Monsters Series 7 Countdown

We are so proud that once again we’ve been asked to host one of the Moshi Monsters Series 7 countdown’s alongside a few other fellow bloggers.

Everyday from now until the Launch day of 26th July we’ll be revealing one new Series 7 Moshling.

Once we get to the end, it’ll be the big day 26th July – The day when you’ll be able to rush into the stores and pick up your own Series 7 Moshi’s.

Day Three and if you’re wondering where all heatwave has suddenly magiced up from, I think I’ve found this answer…

It just has to be down to todays newest Moshling figure Hocus

However maybe I’m wrong as reading his biography apparently Hocus and the other Wonky Wowza’s can only perform magical on days beginning with Z.

Ultra Rare and rocking the most awesome beard around, Hocus is a must have Moshling

His Series 7 figure is missing the moons and stars from his hat, which is slightly disappointing. His hat is just plain blue.

He does thankfully have his big aqua blue staff, and those mesmerizingly big red eyes

His eyes remind me of the demon headmaster if anyone remembers that? I used to love watching that afterschool, but being a wimpy kid it really creeped me out.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out who the next Series 7 Moshling to be revealed will be?

Thanks to Vivid Toys and Games for letting us once again be part of the Moshi Monsters fun.

One thought on “Moshi Monsters Series 7 Countdown – Day Three

  • July 30, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    my favorite series 7 moshling is Raffles

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