Moshi Products and Clay Buddies – Review

As you all know by know my youngest is a Huge fan of Moshi Monsters, Absolutely crazy for them at the moment. So imagine his joy a few weeks ago when he was sent a massive parcel to review from the wonderful people at Click Distribution, full to the brim of Moshi Products. He was actually really under the weather on the day it came, but the postman certainly cheered him up when he saw all the goodies.

In the amazing parcel he had:

  • Topps Moshi Monsters Mash Up cards and Sticker album. He’s been collecting the Mash Up cards for a while now and has loads but it was his first ever sticker book and he loves it. I think there will be plenty more trips to the corner shop for stickers from now on.
  • Moshi Zippsters which are really cool miniature Moshling figures which you attach to your bag, jeans, coat, anything with a zip basically.
  • The big brother style version of the Zippster, which is the Moshi Monsters Keychain. The Keychain figure is slightly bigger than the Moshling figures you get and look wonderful hanging from your backpack. Each Keychain also comes with a Charmling, which is a small metal Moshi which fits on a Charm Bracelet. You need to get the Bracelet separately though, so Jacob has just hooked it on his backpack with the other key rings now.

The thing we definitely have had the most fun with though are the Moshi Monsters and The Pirates Clay Buddies sets.

The Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies are available in either a single pack (£2.99) or the Deluxe box (£5.99). In each pack you get instructions on how to mould your Moshi Monster, all the clay you need, plus various cardboard pieces which you attach onto your clay figure with sticky little velcro squares.


The added bonus of the Deluxe box is you get 2 characters to make, plus how to make one a super Moshi, so you can make 3 different Moshi’s in all. Plus you also get a snazzy background setting to place your finished creations in.

First of all I thought that this would be way to hard for any of us to manage. I’m not very artistic myself, and I know that Thomas doesn’t have much patience so I pictured this being a disaster. I was really wrong though as once we got into the swing of it me and Thomas had a great time. I was surprised how well Thomas read the instructions and the finished figures look great I think. He was also incredibly pleased with himself and it gave him a real lift for the day.

Jacob was probably a bit too young for this activity, he did sit and watch for a bit but didn’t want to join in and got bored after a while. He was thrilled by the finished article though, and is very proud of his Clay Buddy Display.

The Pirates Clay Buddies were great too. The boys went to see the film just before we made them and so Thomas was especially pleased to be making Clay versions of the characters as he loved the film and hasn’t stopped talking about it since he came home.

We found the Pirates Clay buddies to be easier to mould than some of the Moshi Monsters, as they were just legs,arms,head body and then add the various cardboard pieces to complete the look. So if you’re looking to try out Clay Buddies but are maybe like me put off by your lack of artistic skill Maybe try out the Pirates first and then step up to the Moshi’s when your hooked. I say that because I do think that once you’ve made one you’ll want to go back and make another. They are so much fun to make together with the kids. Highly recommended for an Easter Holiday Activity.




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