Mothers Day gift ideas from Build-A-Bear Workshop

Attention Dad’s, Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

If your still looking for guidance as to what you and the children should be getting to show her all your appreciation on the big day, Build-A-Bear workshop have just the thing.

why not combine a gift for mum with a bit for daddy bonding for you and kids, by visiting Build-A-Bear workshop and picking up one of their great Mother’s Day bears.

Choose from two extremely adorable bears, either the Sweet Cuddles pink Teddy or the Curly Teddy.

I think out of the two the Sweet Cuddles Pink bear is my favourite, and I just adore the denim romper suit.

The kids will be able to make the gifts extra special with the opportunity to personalise mums bear by recording a message, or even having their picture printed on their special bears T-Shirt.

Another nice optional accessory is a bunch of flowers for her bear to hold.

You could always invite mum along to join in the fun, so she could watch and laugh as her family sets about making her dream bear.

Sounds like a perfect mothers day to me!

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