Mr Potato Head

After the excess of Christmas, and all of the holiday toys we brought home with us, I’ve decided to get tougher with Thomas and his “I Want, I Want” habit. Me and Daddy have decided that at 4 he’s old enough to have his own pocket money, and to spend it as he wants.

I’m not saying that were never going to buy him toys again,  I’ve just had enough of him having something every time we go out the door. From the magazine’s and sweeties, to the Lego picked up whilst in the supermarket, it’s just getting a bit out of hand isn’t it.

So I told the boys that they have to buy any extra sweeties, magazines or toys out of their pocket money. I’m hoping apart from stopping the “I Wants” it will make them appreciate their toys a bit more, and stop Thomas being so rough with them.

I bet your wondering what this has to do with Mr Potato Head,I’m getting to that!

Last week Thomas had a serious moan about not ever being able to have toys, and not having enough pocket money to buy anything. So I had a think and found out that there was a Jumble sale on Saturday locally, so we decided to pop along and Thomas could then buy something with his pocket money (anything, he just wanted something!)

Well for 50p we picked up the aforementioned Mr Potato Head, and I have to say apart from a real bargain he’s been a revelation.

Everyone knows the Mr Potato Head toy, he was first released in 1952 and has been a perennial favourite ever since. He’s recently acquired new found fame thanks to the Toy Story movies, and this is where my son knows him from.

I never had a Mr Potato head when I was a child, and didn’t know anyone else who did have one so never had the pleasure of enjoying this toy in my childhood. Suffice to say it’s not something I would choose to buy for Thomas off my own back as to be honest he looks a bit rubbish really. Thomas choose him at the jumble sale, and at 50p I obviously didn’t say no, but I had reservations about how much use he would really get out of it. I had the idea that once he’d assembled him a few times he would be bored and lose interest, how wrong I was.

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Thomas has had Mr Potato Head for about a week now, and has played with him all the time. Even his little brother loves him. Put the glasses on, change the nose, put the moustache on, he goes on like this for hours.He especially likes the trap door that Mr Potato Head has on his backside, which you can open and use to store all of the pieces you aren’t using.

To be honest I feel a bit bad for discounting Mr Potato Head all of these years, for a very reasonable price he makes a great gift and would be received enthusiastically by any child. I now feel a bit sad for Thomas after having a look online and seeing the Mr Potato Head Suitcase set. He comes complete in the suitcase with 40 different pieces, so you can chop and change his appearance to your hearts content.

Thomas’ from the jumble sale only has a few additional pieces, I think some bits must have gone missing as they do over the years. So I’m seriously considering getting him a new one now for his birthday this year, so he can enjoy having all the extra funny bits.

To finish here’s a classic Mr Potato Head commercial from the 80’s, enjoy!

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