New Books about Loom Bands! and Loom Bands Charms! – Review

I was quite dismissive initially about Loom Bands, and how long the Loom madness would last. However I’ve been most triumphantly proved wrong as Loom Bands are still massive with the kids, and shows no signs of stopping. Well in our household at least.

Loom bands seem to have taken over the school playground and beyond, and seem hell-bent on world domination. Before Loom Bands when travelling on a long train journey I would have had to pack the iPod full of music, headphones, pack of cards, and a tablet full of tv shows and movies for the boys to watch.

Last Saturday however we travelled simply armed with a portable Loom band case and two Loom Band making books and we were sorted for the whole way. No moaning “Are we nearly there yet?”, they were totally quiet and fully engrossed for the whole journey.

Loom Bands! and Loom Bands! Charms! from Heike Roland & Stefanie Thomas, Published by Quadrille are two new books totally devoted to the art of creating crazy,amazing, and most importantly awesome looking Loom Bands and Loom Band charms.

Inside the books you’ll find step by step instructions on how to make Loom Band bracelets and charms from the very basics to much more intricate designs.

We loved that each step of the process gives you clear instructions on what to do, and has a full colour photo so you can see exactly whats meant at every stage. Thomas says it’s like watching Youtube tutorials, but better as you don’t have to pause it all the time.

A fun thing that the boys really enjoyed was Looming without a Loom! In the book there are designs that you make using two pencils, and even one which you use a fork.

I’ll admit that as a family were good at the basic designs, but not so good as things get that bit harder. The Loom Bands! and Loom Bands Charms! books are great because the creations are in the book from easier to hardest, and most of the beginning of the books were ok with. I’m just working onto some of the hardest ones now, getting there slowly.

Heres one of the simpler ones, A flower. It’s not perfect, but it was my first attempt at something out of the loom band charm book. I am getting better, and the books have really helped.



Loom Bands! and Loom Bands! Charms! published by Quadrille are out now with an RRP of £4.99 each

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of both books in order for us to write an honest review.







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