New Doctor Who Sets at Toys ‘R’ Us

Doctor Who is Thomas’ new thing, and he’s all in at the moment.

With the 50th Anniversary of the series happening this year, every things gone a bit Doctor Who mad, and he’s certainly picked a good time to start obsessing over it.

So my ears pricked up this week when I heard about some new sets of Doctor Who Figures from Character Options that Toys ‘R’ Us are exclusively releasing to celebrate the 50 year milestone.

All one of the eleven Doctors will be released in a special commemorative set, alongside with one of their most dreaded enemies – The Daleks. So each set will be a twin pack featuring a Doctor, plus one Dalek that he faced from a famous episode.

The sets are being released in batches, with the first 3 available for pre-order now at the Toys R Us Website.

Tenth Doctor and the Bronze Dalek, Second Doctor and the Silver and Blue Dalek, and the Sixth Doctor and the White and Gold Dalek are the first sets collectors and fans can get their hands on.

All of the sets will only be available for a limited time, so grab them whilst you can. The first 3 will be retired when the next sets of 3 are released.

Each set will retail at £19.99, so not cheap, but not exorbitantly priced. £10 a figure sounds reasonably really for a collector’s item.

Thomas is going to have some serious saving to do if he wants the complete set. Which he obviously will!

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