New Football Mascot Pillow Pets – Review

You’ve probably heard of the fluffy Pillow Pets by now. They’re the loveable, cuddly toys which unfold into a soft pillow.

They have been around since 2003, and are available in a wide range of friendly animal designs. Like the popular Bumble Bee, Ladybird and Butterfly.

Brand new to the Pillow Pets are cuddly versions of Chirpy the Cockerel , Rex The Gunnarsaurus and Stamford the Lion . Or as your more likely to know them – Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea’s Football Mascots.

My husband being a huge Tottenham Hotspur supporter, the boys have picked up the football bug from him. Plus with current Spurs legend Gareth Bale coming from only down the road from us, Spurs are the only team allowed in the Toybuzz Household.

So all the boys (including Hubby) were over the moon when Chirpy the Tottenham Cockerel was sent to us for review.

The first thing that struck me when I saw our Chirpy Pillow Pet was the size. It was much larger than I was expecting. I’ve seen the advert on TV several times, but the size definitely is deceiving. And that was just as Chirpy! Once you unfold him out into the pillow, you really notice the size. It’s very nearly a full-sized Single pillow, and acts exactly the same as the real thing.

The boys have been taking it in turns taking Chirpy to bed, and sleeping with him every night. Thomas tends to simply use his Chirpy Pillow Pet as a cuddly toy, whereas Jacob does actually sleep on him as a normal pillow.

We’re not really big users of the car, but I can imagine that he will come in very handy when we set off on a car journey.

In January we are off to Florida for a fortnight of winter sun, and I think Chirpy will need to get his passport ready as I can see him being invaluable on the long plane ride.

A big plus with the Pillow Pets are the fact they are totally machine washable. Which is very handy when you have messy boys like mine. White is probably not the best colour for them, so it’s brilliant that Chirpy washes so wonderfully well. I did put him in a pillowcase as per the washing instructions on the Pillow Pets website, and he came out beautifully clean and as fluffy as ever.

I would highly recommended a Pillow Pet, as they will be used everyday as a comfy pillow, buddy for sleepovers, car journeys, and  just for when little one needs a hug. However I would suggest making sure you get one for everyone  as once you have one, they will definitely all be after one :)

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