New look Dora sparks parent backlash

Nickelodeons favourite pre-school adventurer Dora the Explorer is set for a radical new look. 

When owners Mattel recently revealed details on a new look Dora, and only a silhouette of Dora’s makeover it immediately created a storm of controversy.

Parenting websites and message boards are buzzing with the news and most parent’s seem to be against the overhaul. There’s even a “No Makeover for Dora the Explorer” petition site.

Swapping her trademark bob,casual shorts and backpack for flowing long hair ,short skirt and pointed shoes. 

And the changes don’t stop there. She’s also swapping the country life for a move to the big city.

but wait all is not what it seems…

After the huge amount of negative publicity the changes have received Nickelodeon and Mattel sought to set the record straight about Dora’s changes. 

The new Dora is not actually replacing Dora but will be a new interactive doll to be released in October in the U.S.

They also released the actual photo of her and it doesn’t  look as bad as the silhouette suggested.

The apparent short skirt was a flowing top with leggings underneath. A perfect example of imagining the worst without having all the facts.

It’s all part of a move to appeal more to the 5 – 8 year old market, girls which usually grow out of Dora once they start the first year of school.

The new interactive doll will come with a USB port, and will use online story lines involving Dora and her four new friends in new exploring adventures.

Unfortunately Boots, Backpack, Map and my favourite Swiper will not be joining Dora in her new adventures.

Time will tell whether the new news from Mattel will soothe angry parents, but the one’s who will ultimately decide the new look older Dora’s fate are the kids.




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