New Moshi Monsters Products from Vivid – Review

Jacob’s Moshi Monster odyssey started last summer when on seeing his brothers burgeoning Match Attax collection he decided he needed a collection of his own. Being into toys I knew of Moshi Monsters so on a trip to the toy shop I suggested he started collecting the Topps Moshi Monsters Mash Up Cards, and so it began….

Nearly a year on the house seems to be overflowing with Moshi Monster products. We have magazines, annuals and books, jigsaws, t-shirts, posters, and obviously tons of Trading cards and moshling figures.

Knowing my youngest was a huge Moshi fanatic, he was overjoyed when Vivid Imaginations sent him over the new Moshling Zoo and some Squashi Moshi’s as well. We have already had tons of fun with the Moshling Treehouse which is also from Vivid Imaginations, so he was eager to test out the Moshling Zoo.

As you can see from the picture our Moshling Zoo is already full up. Jacob took great pride in picking out his best Moshling’s to go on display. Having the names and number stickers make it so more special than just putting them in a box. The stickers come on a sheet, so you can pick and choose from your collection what ones you have to put in the Zoo. The stickers also come off quite easily, handy for if you’ve got an indecisive 4yr old who keeps changing his mind (like mine constantly did)

You get one Ultra Rare Moshling included to either jump-start your Zoo collection, or just to add a nice new one. We got Wurley with ours, and Jacob is very happy with him.

A nice surprise is the secret storage compartment under the roof, where you can keep your super secret moshlings, or your new Squashi Moshi’s like Jacob does.

The Squashi Moshi’s are larger, squashable, squeaky versions of your favorite moshlings.

We received Cutie Pie and Coolio but there are 12 to collect in total.

Jacob loves the squeaky noise that these cute little guys make, and I think he might even love them more than his regular Moshling buddies.

He even takes them in the bath with him and uses them as mini water squirters. The manufacturer probably wouldn’t recommend it, but it hasn’t done them any harm and they are still as squeaky and squashy as new.

Jacob is totally in love with his new Moshi toy’s, and if you’ve got a Moshi Monsters collector in your house then they are sure to get a big kick out of them too.

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